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  • haoleboy1967 haoleboy1967 Dec 22, 2009 10:43 AM Flag

    Got Cold Feet - Out for now

    I guess I just dont understand this

    I bought EROC above $5 and added more and more

    I am now even and I am bailing

    but what do I know (?)

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    • No reaction from Mr. Market this morning... low volume and typical price movement... so it can't be all bad...

      Remember they are reducing debt by 200+mil.... That sounds pretty good.

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      • Guess so. I didn't mind the sale of the mining company that much even though I disagree as, mining is still quite a good segment.

        They just had to give their company erh 7 million or 29 million in transaction fees. Overcharging themselves.

        Dilution .35 per share guarantees this thing less than 5 dollars for next month if it goes though though. Better keep some extra money so you will not get diluted.

        Dilution does not start until the end of the month so I am just expecting normal trading for now but there just might be a big crash after this month when the dilution goes through if it goes through it wont matter as much for those who have money to put in of course.

        Even if you buy now its ok just remember to buy the 35% shares or you get screwed set aside some money.

        Just expect a big drop afterward as well. then trade your shares in for 2.5 per share later and hope they are not using this money just for big bonuses or we just got screwed like c and bac.

        Pray for dividend to come or this will never see 5 dollars again. you can use warrents for 2 years as well to buy this stock for 6 dollars but I dont know how many shares you can buy. need to read more of the fine print.

    • guess buy more and hope they call you for your vote and vote no rofl. sad.

      someone assassinate the managers. ERH their sub company is being paid 7 million for transaction fees if they dont do the deal anyway and 29 mil for doing the deal WTH 7 million for doing nothing.

      Crap management. 1 mil is more than enough for them. They want to get rid of their worthless sub units badly. their sub units are offically worth 0 not the 29 mil they said it was worth. WE get paid first then them not the other way around.

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