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  • ufpeterson ufpeterson Sep 13, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Other - mREITS

    Have any of you guys/gals been watching the action on any of the mREITS? The baby has been thrown out with the bath water with some of those. There are some big ones I've been eyeing, AGNC, NLY etc. but am awaiting Sept 18, when Bernake talks about the exit plans of the QE easing program. But there are tiny diamonds I have been picking up lately. Reminds me of some of the MLPs in 2009. NYMT, DX and a few others. Anyone else checking this mortgage REIT sector out?

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    • ufpeterson, in fact, all REITs are worth considering right now, most of them are oversold, and good time to accumulate or get in first time. The QE was just an excuse to scare people out of their shares. REITs will adjust to the current interest rate situation as time goes. No worry at all, so far no mortgage company is out of business or anything like that, after all, people & business will need mortgages for the next 150 years. GLTA

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    • You may be better off with the BDC's such as PSEC. Less chance of getting hit if interest rates spike up. Yield is good and they pay monthly. Be careful of FSC, they may cut the dividend.

    • You might check out CIM. I have held a large position in CIM for 2 years. It is very low priced at $3.00+, and it pays a great div. I bought it for the div. and it hasn't fail to deliver yet. Do your own DD good luck. BRCC is also a good div. stock.

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    • Last week's Barron's had an interesting comment re the "taper" - the Fed might stop buying Treasuries and keep buying back what REITs are interested in.

    • don't know why this tread is here in EROC but u might want to check out REM as a mREit play. less pain than worring about one individual name in this sector blowing up. holds a lot of NLY and AGNC

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      • Forums aren't explicit to their particular security. That's why I put "other" before the thread beginning. We are here to exchange ideas and make money and I generally welcome when someone shares other ideas they have invested in. I actually like REM as well, picked up some on Tuesday as a matter of fact. I also like MORL, which is the 2X Leveraged mREIT. Still want to see what transpires after next weeks Fed Meeting and earnings rolls around.

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