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  • moefoeq4 moefoeq4 Jan 23, 2009 5:14 AM Flag

    BOK is a $20.00 stock


    We've downgraded financial holding company BOK Financial(BOKF Quote - Cramer on BOKF - Stock Picks) from buy to hold. Strengths include its expanding profit margins and good cash flow from operations. However, we also find weaknesses including a decline in the stock price during the past year, disappointing return on equity and feeble growth in the company's earnings per share.

    BOK's gross profit margin of 61.7% is rather high, having increased since the same quarter last year, and it's net profit margin of 14.3% outperforms the industry average. Net operating cash flow rose 32.8% to $137.8 million since the year-ago quarter, though BOK is still growing at a significantly lower rate than the industry average of 117.5%. Revenue dropped 3.4%, underperforming the industry average of 8.3%, and return on equity decreased slightly, implying a minor weakness in the organization.
    Shares are down 26.1% on the year, but don't assume that the stock can now be tagged as cheap and attractive. Based on its current price in relation to its earnings, BOK is still more expensive than most of the other companies in its industry.

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    • You might also want to give a date when posting something from the on message boards so your postings don't look like complete bullshit. Declining stock price over the last year? In the last year I see the the chart going from 38 to 48. What the hell are you talking about? THE COMPANY HAS $27/SHARE IN CASH. HOW COULD IT BE A $20 STOCK? When is that posting from because it doesn't say and Cramer's an idiot. Watch his eyes on his show. I've never seen a shiftier motherfucker except at a carnival.

    • First of all, if you listen to anything Cramer says, you're an idiot. That guy flip flops about stocks more than all the people currently wearing them in California. BOKF has $27/share in cash and an expected 5-year PEG ratio of 1.58. FSNM, the only other local competition in New Mexico for one of their subsidiaries, Bank of Albuquerque, is trading at $ 0.49/share and will likely go under by the end of the year. Cramer is a shyster, a con-man, a stock pumper who makes money for his hedge-fund buddies.

    • BOK has not handled foreclosures well. They are arrogant and unforgiving. Everyone that holds stock knows this and likes this. Except now it is starting to hit close to home.

      ...Like it now?

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