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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 16, 2013 4:48 AM Flag

    Anyone got paid yet ?

    Deal was approved by shareholders on 12/28.

    Seems like we should have been paid by now. Or will shortly.

    Not that I have anything in particular to spend it on.

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    • “We are pleased to see this step completed and look forward to concluding the merger process. In the absence of unexpected regulatory or other issues, we anticipate closing the approved transaction in the first quarter of 2013.

    • I'm curious why not just sell you shares for 3.97 in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the sale and it goes back down to $2? That's what I did, I wasn't hold many shares however. I'm just wonder, I once had another stock that was supposed to get bought out, I sold and the deal fell through went down 50%.

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      • Chances of this deal falling through are minimal, near zero.

        Plus, I lose 3 cents a share and pay a commission to sell. If I wait a few more weeks, I get the full $4 and pay no commission. (Although some brokers actually charge a higher fee for buyouts than a commission)

        Ignoring commissions, you lost out on .0075%, which is nearly a years worth of interest in a savings account.

        If I had something I wanted to buy and needed the $. I might sell. Otherwise, its a virtual certainty to get the full $4.

        And, although its not likely in this case, sometimes a higher offer could come in.

        JAX had a deal to sell the company for $12, part cash, part stock. If you would have sold at $11.97, you would have missed out on a higher eventual price of $14.50 after other bidders got involved.