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  • bjdixon311 bjdixon311 Dec 16, 2011 3:21 PM Flag

    Listened the conference call replay while driving home yesterday...

    I hate to say it, but it seems thomasfranklin was right about the share repurchase program. Very disappointed their response to someone who asked about the lack of repurchases so far.

    They seemed to be purposefully vague, stressed that they did buy 8900 shares, and hinted that that's all they were legally allowed to do given restrictions relating to volume. So I guess unless volume explodes, we shouldn't expect much at all from the share repurchase program. Why authorize a $20 million buyback when you can't legally spend even 5% of that?

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    • I had the impression that couldn't buy more if they wanted to (something to do with rules related to daily trading volumes).

    • With declining collections and little new business it appears it will be very difficult for the Company to have an increase in EPS for fiscal 2012.

      Expenses would need to be cut significantly to offset the collection declines for there to be an EPS increase. Since they just entered into another expensive agreement with a Director for fiscal 2012 they don't appear to be too concerned with cutting expenses. The Officers and Directors are making a killling at the expense of their shareholders. You are all correct, a milking appears to be in place with no end in site.

      Simple, they should get a credit line, increase the dividend and put on new business. This is what CEO's, CFO's and EVP's are suppose to do. They need alot of help to get the stock price up.

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