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  • toothtoothtooth toothtoothtooth Jun 27, 2011 10:31 AM Flag

    just that easy

    watch the dollar, dont watch the dollar. Good luck to all...its pretty clear.

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    • Looks like they are going to suffer no matter. They're only have it by one vote as of this morning, and there sure could have been some minds changed today.

    • ha...true.

      So...12 million greeks suffer (i mean life altering)....or a couple banks go under and "suffer" with their EU/Fed bailouts and huge year end bonuses.

      Cmon greece...i believe you will do the right thing and tell the banks to F themselves.

    • tooth, That depends on your tolerance for beer! I think you are correct on their eventual fall. I am not sure by then the world won't just get used to the crap, and the market have it priced in. I've haven't really expected much out of Europe or the US anyways, as far as CAT goes. Everything I see for the future is just more demand for food and energy for ever, sure they're will be hurdles, and we will have to live with the decisions of the people who got us here, which will not be easy, but nobdy starves without somebody getting fat.

    • to avoid CDS triggers. That would just be like a 100:1 shock to the system as it is now.

      They can go back to the drachma or keep rolling over debt. Either way, its a failure. The world knows it is....i have a feeling the "fun" this bailout brings....doesnt last as long as the last one. Like when you drink that 10th beer of the night...its not that fun anymore...its just sickening.

    • Agree, but they already have another bail out scheduled after this. No telling how long it could go on.

    • i see a lose-lose on this vote.

      Passes...Euro rallies for a while until greece fails to pay back anyway. Allows others to see they can refi unlimited as well....euro fails.

      Doesnt pass....Euro falls. Others see they can basically default, euro fails.

      Anyone see something i dont? Euro is doomed. You cant ask a homeless man to pay for your tuition to cant go to the soup kitchen to borrow money from someone to buy a cadillac....when people have no money, they are broke. done...over.

    • I got an acquaintance in Greece from US who has great job, with large corp, and I understand they now owe him 35% of his salary for last 2 years. I believe you are correct, how can you cut a person's wages and increase their tax burden and health care all at the same time and create any growth. I might be totally wrong, but I say reconstruct their pay scales and benefits, and then just simply pay their debt off for them. If they don't like it, fine let them starve.

    • true. the french pretend...but yeah...Germany vs the handouts. I vote for handouts failing over germany succeeding if you had to wager a buck.

    • I thing you mean Germany not Europe. They are the only market that really competes over there.

    • We can hpoe for a sell on the news, but every day is that much closer to earnings, and I really think the market will get it this time.

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