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  • hblink93 hblink93 Jul 5, 2011 2:50 PM Flag

    Any comment on technicals?

    Charts for CAT seem to me to suggest more upside, perhaps higher than $114. Bullish MACD, trends, good signal agreement in recent past. Wish I bought at $100 when CAT came onto my radar. I'm a late entry into this one. Any agreement?

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    • i understood most of it...until we bailed greece out again.

      Im not trading currently. like rich said...if you hold 10 years, your fine. Good luck.

    • Tooth, fired my too after the DOW run up to 14,000 and my broker came in with a big smile said, " I got you like 5%" I was expecting like 25% so put my mutual funds in Vanguard and forgot he exists!! I was up 28% at least last year maybe a little more it was the best decision we made for our life & future.

      You done great TOOTH hope I understand it all like you someday!!

    • Best thing you wrote was that you dont use a broker.

      I have fired 1/2 of my retirment account mutual funds as well. I took a hit on a bad BIDU short...but My porfolio is still up about 32% YTD. SP is up 6.x%.

      Good luck. Best thing I ever did was go it on my own. Been printing money ever since (except when Greece/Flash Crash F'd me over).

    • Rich, doing a little of both!! We have mutual funds that I switch around from emerging markets when they are getting all the good news then flip into Small/large cap when it switches along with some energy & precious metals funds...BUT I also buy individual stocks and TRY to buy and HOLD/flip as the $$$'s go green. I want to own CAT for many years maybe life but it does move up & down enough to make $$ while it grows.

      TOOTH, did make me realize to watch the charts & technicals so been studying everything that I trust just dont want to slide in the red after being green!! We own CAT, CMI , & DE and feel ALL of these have great futures which can make my future better. BTW I am 42 dont use a broker manage our own portfolio's so it's becoming an addicting but I love it especially this message board!!!

      I so thank ALL of you for your knowledge it is really helpful!!Good Luck to ALL!

    • Are you trading or investing? If you're investing, turn the computer off and check back in a couple years. You'll make a bunch of money. If you're trading, read the tea leaves, check you're horoscope and pray a lot. I've not yet met anybody that knows what tomorrow holds. You'll get it right occasionally and you need to win big to offset the losses. Good luck.

    • who knows. Market is on auto pilot. Euro sucks, greece bankrupt, China PMI slowing, Debt ceiling not fixed, hiring slowing in USA....slew of new problems everyday and market only goes up. Enjoy it while it lasts. Pick an exit point or spread a couple to scale out when you think your profit is good enough. CAT looks to be headed to $40,000 by august at the rate the market never goes down ;)

    • Thanks for the great advice!!! I am in common stock at $108 so how long do I ride? I am thinking if it it's $115 should jump off then be patient for a pullback---I looked at my August mutual fund account and it appears August is a weak month but as we all know this is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun!

      I just dont want to ride it back down under $100 again that was painful!!!

    • If you want a serious techinical analysis:

      20 has crossed under 50, but 50 appears to be flattening and 20 is ticking up. This is a good trend. Price today is outside of short term 2 deviations is almost every stock i follow.

      Watch for previous support to be ceilings. 105 was last tick on bottom. 110-112 is next stop. 115.xx is the all time peak since 2009 rally and will be heavily contested, we are going to need some strong push into earnings or blow out earnings to get through it.

      100 seems to be a good floor short term. It was approx floor (98ish) during March Japanese Quake, and was resistance and floor a couple weeks back.

      Tecnically almost every stock is "overbought" since we rallied 650 dow pts...if you are going by charts. Last week was a huge short squeeze. Low volumes suggest hedgies are picky and not playing the market heavily, or they are rotating into a new sector that was energy previously.

      Personally....I feel like the rug is going to be pulled out probably one more time before earnings....but who knows. Hedge funds are trailing the SP500 in 2011 so they have a lot of catching up to do and will probably run this short term bubble to its max pain for the retail suckers who jump in last minute. If we do get a pull back close to 100 I am probably going to start a Nov 11 or Jan 12 Call option position. If we dont get a break, I will tread water closer to earnings and probably sit and wait.

      I dont want to jump in this close to the 110-112 resistance, and after a 650 pt dow run, i dont believe the rally has more legs until someone gets screwed over about 200-300 pts in a sell off. Just my opinion.

    • IMO, buy. I don't watch the charts much. Just buy long and then sell, at different intervals over past two years. Caught most of the ride up and hit some bumps along the way. I like your idea of where this should be heading. Problems with Portugal may give you another entry point.

    • Go for it. 650 pt rally on dow last sure we have plenty of room to run up (sarcasm at highest levels)

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