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  • cindybinxxx cindybinxxx Aug 23, 2012 3:35 AM Flag

    Unions get another plant closed

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    • perhaps we should lock all our workers in a box and pay them 80 cents per hour like they do in China. it has nothing to do with the 16.9 million ceo income not counting bonuses and stock options. and of course the 5 to 9 million for the corporate executives. throw in the 4.9 billion in profits I wouldn't see reason why these crazy bozos who have trained skills that take them years to acquire and produce billions upon billions in profit for the company would want to make a middle class living. that is absolutely crazy talk. it is much more important to pattern our lifestyle to the chinese. after all we have sold our soul to them and turned our backs on our own people and the economy. that is something to feel good about isn't it? Let's give them all our technology, our jobs, and our money. Maybe next year you will be looking at 20.9 million in salary and 8.9 BILLION in profit. Man wouldn't that be something! The chinese economy will love it! We can rebuild their entire country, after all being globally competitive is most important. We don't care what happens to our greedy people here wanting to put their kids through college. It's bozo's like these union guys just killing the country. 12 bucks an hour would really make the economy take off with all that money flying around. I am sorry I couldn't see it. It makes so much sense. Our workers take less so our country has no money to buy things or make things and the economy keeps collapsing. China meanwhile explodes. Good plan. It has worked so well for us in the last 10 years hasn't it!
      crazy bozos what are they thinking.

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      • I totally agree !

        Paying your workers more means the Economy gets stimulated the right way !
        Companies like CAT will still make Billions and maybe they can get some of the Employee Loyalty back that they threw away !

        Bottom line the Masses are the Economy and they can't afford to shop at Wal-mart right now let alone buy boats and campers and take vacations !

        Maybe Romney could help CAT put the squeeze on a little more I know a couple of Families splurging on a Camping trip this year ( tent's of course ) and we really need to put a stop to that obviously they have a little extra doe and need their wages cut !.

    • IIRC China is still pumping out steel, even though there is little or no demand and American made steel can not match in price, except maybe some of the new, efficient mills may come close.

    • Good article.

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