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  • richoncat richoncat Jan 22, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    After all the Doom and Gloom Predictions

    Is it possible for us to close green today? Hope El is busy buying back his phantom 10K share position. If he sold at the open as stated he's about a buck underwater. No surprise to me.

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    • Well I knew we wouldn't see a massive sell off today, but I surely didn't expect we'd close green. Up $0.10 at the close and now up another $0.22 after hours. I think you'd be ill advised to bet against Cat for the foreseeable future, until something comes on the horizon than dampens the growing enthusiasm for worldwide growth. Cat is moving to their sweet spot. This stock has a history of going straight up when conditions are right. See chart from '04 - '06 and again from '09- '11. Pretty soon we should start hearing comments like, "the stock is going exponential, that can't happen". Today's action confirms to me that the market expects adequate growth in the near future. It shrugged of some pretty bad news without even flinching. If I were 10 years younger and still working I'd go way over weight on Cat right now. Wouldn't that be sweet?

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      • i am a little over weight in it but retired, have 11500 shares and loving it bought another 1000 shares for my dads acct and sons acct this morning with the 1500 I added to mine. I just couldn't pass it up. bought some HUM early and also some PSEC for monthly income. day traded GS a couple of trades not a lot of up and down there to make a lot of trades today. But this is my largest and favorite holding currently I got real bullish on it at 85 thinkings of a 35% move in the next 12 months and it sure is making a move in that direction. target 115 to 120 IMO

    • I know Elstock seems a little mis-guided sometimes, but I don't think even he, really meant for us to believed he borrowed almost $1mil @ 7.7% to short CAT. He might of wanted to with all his heart, but he knows we know better!

    • if he did sell at the open he sold a chunk of it to me as that is when I bought, it was not a materially effective news item only one time hype and quick sell off with a rally to follow, very typical. great day trade or opportunity to add to long position.

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    • I thought sure as the world we would get a pre-results mini sell off here but happily wrong !

      Looking like it could finish strong !

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