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  • artsbest artsbest Mar 4, 2013 12:02 PM Flag


    rich.. you are one myopic human for sure. The Chinese don't make $18M per year like CAT's #$%$ CEO. You can't spend/buy with what one doesn't have. The Chinese gov does not allow foreign investments so they have to invest within China. And they're all doing what happened in this arrogant, money-hungry country. Play follow the leader. Right into the toilet. Just give them the rope and they'll do the rest. In this country it was about greed. In China it's about government restrictions. Big difference.

    And how does this affect CAT? Who made the heavy equipment that assisted in building these ghost towns? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    • you will never get a sensible answer out of rich. investing is a 1 way street....always up!!!!! blue chippers like CAT are here to stay.....except Kodak, GM, Citi, AIG, Johns Manville, Chrysler, Texaco, Woolworth, Bethelhem Steel........basically just invest money in something and throw a penny in the wishing well hoping enough govts worldwide have corrupt officials you pay out of your slush funds along with central bankers who devalue the currency at break neck speed and you are good to go man.

    • You're probably right, I am myopic. Cat's returned 16%+ CAGR for me for 15+ years. My time horizon is measured in years not days or weeks. Cat is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the next worldwide economic rebound whenever it happens. If it happens this spring or 3 years from now it makes little difference to me. Did you hear Warren Buffett this AM? He doesn't even consider macro-economic conditions when considering purchasing a company. He just assumes that those issues will work themselves out. If it's good enough for Warren, it's good enough for me. Pick good companies and wait for their strategies to play out. It'll make you a ton of money. If you don't think their strategies will work don't buy them.

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