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  • benwaw58 benwaw58 Mar 22, 2013 1:56 AM Flag

    For the biggest crybaby in board history,

    You only list your fake trades, not the 50 times you were wrong with your statement about cat and it's direction, We know you lied because you did on everything, your sex, What state you're from, etc.
    Plus rich nothing about 6 weeks, the 15% was post right where he said it was. Keep crying crybaby whine whine whine whine!

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    • So now you have to defend both sides of the arguement. This is funny. Good luck.

    • Well if i didnt have to fund the max taxes into the SS ponzi to give people like you their socialist benefits, i would have another $16k ontop of what i already have. That would be very nice for my grandkids. But then you would find a way to say that was anti capitalism as well. Flip....Flop....Flip....Flop....good luck buddy.

    • instant gratification. i put about 45-50k a way between retirement and savings a year. LOL. and i go to bed every night thanking USA taxpayers for continuing the cherade of living like kings on my great great grandkids backs (that wont be born for 75 years). USA USA USA!

    • "You'd think folks that are trying to create generational wealth would listen to people that have done it."

      If you were in the right generation then you created wealth. The generations behind you are at the mercy of HFT, Bernanke, no pensions (ie no pension funds investing money in your stocks), and companies like CAT that have a stock price of $116 or $28 depending on how much money this country is willing to borrow.

      I think what you meant to say is....if the world is willing to live beyond its means, and you hop on in time, and get off before it are a boomer. The rest of you, good luck suckers. right?

      Investing in CAT is a suckers bet. its not going anywhere. The dow is up 10% this year .....CAT? another year of no gains?...LOL.

    • being wrong about the company? the company is garbage. i dont know 2 things about it. The stock? thats not the company. Its shares that were long ago traded away for quote unquote paper ownership. Thats pretty easy to understand. Which neither rich nor you are very good at. Saucer eyes and gasps everytime something in the world happens and it goes down LOL.

    • The great part about the trades i listed in the past were this:

      1. I stated within minutes of buying into the trade what my holding was and its price at purchase
      2. I stated within minutes of selling the trade what the liquidate was worth and how much was dissolved.

      Whether you believe I actually made those trades or not is irrevelant. The trade was marked on X day as purchased and Y day as sold. I posted trades that were sold at a loss as well (which i guess you also claim are lies), so apparently in my made up world of trading where you claim im flawless you werent paying attention.

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      • Nobody really cares about your trades, it's the 50 time you were wrong about the company, and your stupid thoughts like; my and rich's relationship, we've have never seen each other, as far as us and Cat............duh!'s a CAT Message Board! You hate Rick S, but use every argument he does when it suits your fancy, but he's rich so you hate him, you hate rich not because he made a bad call or not, you hate him because he has more than you, and it's in your warped mind that he hates somebody like me and you don't know me. I might be able to buy and sell both of you. You just hate, just like a kid with a toy. If you don't have it.

      • You are nothing but a phony trying to defend your inferiority complex.
        The world does not owe you a living, you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent so that no one will be at war, in sickness, and lonely again, In other words GROW UP, stop being a crybaby, and get out of your dream world and develop some backbone not a wishbone. Please stop your fricking crying!

    • Ben, Tooth has really got under your skin recently. What gives?

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      • Hurly actually he's gotten under my skin and Ben is trying to protect my flank. But I'm done; I don't know why I let a pissant like him irritate me. He's phony and terribly envious of anybody that has made substantial wealth. Ben and I have been conversing on this board for 7-8 years. We both have similar values and experiences. WE both worked at Cat for our entire careers, paid for everything we bought, borrowed as little as possible and paid it back as fast as possible. We watched and helped Cat become a blue chip, industrial icon. We both have deep emotional feelings for the company because of the opportunity and wealth it created for us. I'm done trying to tutor Toothy, I've put that knucklehead on ignore and don't plan on letting him bother me again. Way too much energy spent on trying to show he's an immature loser. You'd think folks that are trying to create generational wealth would listen to people that have done it. But no, that's not his gig. It's easier to mock and deride those that have what he so desperately wants but will never have. Not everybody is going to agree with the strategies we used and maybe they won't work now. But to discount 30 years of 17% CAGR because he finally lived long enough to see a significant recession is just ignorant. He can take it or leave it. I tried to pass on good advice. If one's time horizon is measured in weeks, advice that's intended to be played out over years is probably of little value. So be it.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Tooth is not under my skin, I simply expose him for what he is a phony and a crybaby, and envious of anyone that has more than him!o

      • hes mad because rich is a fraud that bullies this board and i have called him out. I dismissed that benwaw guy a long time ago, and honestly someone like rich would hate someone like benwaw in theory if they didnt know each other based on their backgrounds.

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