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  • trynew2007 trynew2007 Apr 4, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    Goldman, Insiders must be dumping shares of CAT in boatloads

    GS must have shorted millions and millions of GS at 90 plus......insiders dumping and they will all get in when this garbage hits 10 cents a share and then announce a turnaround !!!

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    • I see no evidence of any Caterpillar insider trading of substance. It looks like a few officers and directors must have gotten some kind of long term incentive compensation amounting to a few hundred to fifteen hundred shares a piece and some disposed of it and some took the stock but there have been no large positions traded other than expiring 10 year option grants by any insiders on record. Those are "use 'em or loose 'em options so they must exercise as the expiration date draws near. Looks pretty tame to me. I think that if the insiders really thought a disaster was looming they'd be dumping stock like crazy. There appears to be no evidence of that.

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