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  • casca60 casca60 Apr 26, 2013 7:08 PM Flag

    Joliet massive layoffs start 6MAY 13

    cat joliet remembers the strike Announces layoffs managers Hold celebration luncheon after announcement

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    • Casca, let me ask you.
      Was there even one member of the general committee that recommended a no strike vote and gave any reason for it? My understanding is that there was not, and that I believe is the problem with that union.

    • Yep, had a Union Job twice in my life.
      Took money out of my minimal (then) paycheck.

      Didn't do anything for me.........but my 'contribution' which was not voluntary........went to the UNION General strike other firms, make them JOIN the UNION for their non-union workers.
      Unions are extortionists under another cloak. Check what UNION hieracher bosses make.............more than o bamination.
      Google....and get informed on the Union Dues "RIPOFF."

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      • There is not much most unions in the manufacturing industry can do for employes any more, because they have been decimated by globalism and corporate ownership of our political process.
        Unions have the same problems our politicians have, once elected they become part of the collective group and lose sight of the greater principles for which they were elected.

    • Some two-dozen workers have filed charges against a machinist union in Joliet, alleging it unlawfully fined them for crossing the picket line during a strike last summer against Caterpillar Inc.

      The charges filed this week with the National Labor Relations Board come roughly two months after the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 851 settled a case with two workers who were fined but technically had not been members of the union for about a decade.

      The union did not return calls seeking comment.

      In Illinois, workers can refrain from union membership, but they must pay a fee that covers bargaining costs. As part of the settlement, the union agreed to post notices informing workers of that right.

      The NRLB said that the investigation into the new charges hasn't started.

      The workers are being helped by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, associated with the National Right to Work Committee, an organization that lobbies for so-called right-to-work laws that let workers refrain from paying all union dues.

      About two-thirds of the more than 100 fined workers reached out to the right-to-work foundation for help fighting the local. It's unknown how many of those workers have resigned from the union, but all were advised to do so. Among those who took that advice are the workers filing charges.

      Some allege that they were never truly voluntary union members because they weren't informed of their right to refrain from membership. Others say they resigned from the union before returning to work and shouldn't have been fined.

      The right-to-work foundation said the highest fine reported to them was about $30,000.

      Jon Butler, one of the workers filing charges against the union, said he was fined about $15,000 when he made $12.88 per hour and did not qualify for benefits.

      "It made me lose more respect for the

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      • how does a union fire a Caterpillar employee?

      • another reason unions are losing members. IMO unions should start over and demand or require that all members meet certain qualifications and standards and fire those that fail to keep to those standards. This would make a union employee proud and wanted. An example a union stewart at GM was bragging how he got a guy reinstated with pay after being fired for being caught smoking in the paint booth for the third time. IMO the union should have demanded that GM fire him the first time since this put all workers at harm because of the explosiveness of the situation. If an explosion had occurred GM would have been fined and the union would have been complaining. It is stupidity as this that has tainted unions along with keeping drunks and druggies on the payroll. They need to clean up their act if they don't want to lose more members and lose jobs.

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