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  • stoxx_detective stoxx_detective Sep 17, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Only way for positive upside movement in STO is...........

    The Govermnent MUST let go of ownership of so much of this stock.
    2/3 ownership is assinine is this day and age.
    Look at Petrobras. Mostly own by the Brazilian Govermnent and it's been a terrible investment for shareholders for years.
    Same with Statoil.
    No upside hope unless Norway loosens their stranglehold on ownership.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Listen to you two idiots. Not a clue. You must be the same.

    • there is no logic there as STO has climbed dramatically more than many other and bigger name oil stocks in the past 20 years. Just do a comparsion charting. STO is in a slump because it needs to produce more oil and gas, sell more gas, and develop it's recent discoveries. Who cares if the government owns shares. Doesn't phase many people in the least bit.

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      • Socks
        I find it hard you actually believe what you say here.
        In 2007 I bought and sold STO in the $27 range.
        I buy in 1000 share blocks so a 75 cent gain is worth thousands for me.
        6 years later STO is more than 20% lower while almost every other oil has at least double and in some cases tripled.
        I explained to you about Petrobras and how the Brazilian Gov. has manipulated it and chased away shareholders including me.
        Statoil is doing the same thing and the float now owned by outside shareholders is a little more than 2%.
        You're either a Gov. insider which then I understand why you would make such a head scratching statement or have another agenda which I'm at a loss to figure out.
        Just to remind you, STO is the worse performing oil stock in the world right alongside PBR this year.

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