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  • s_mack100 s_mack100 Apr 22, 2010 4:13 PM Flag

    Proxy fight

    Just my opinion, but my vote goes to the MRC team. They have repeatedly offered shareholders great value in the form of all cash offers and each time the offer was denied by the Board. The current board hasn't shown me anything yet. In fact, I'm surprised they weren't sued for failing to accept some of MRC's previous offers.

    Notice how the stock rallied yesterday when RiskMetrics came out in support of MRC, and how it failed to rally when Glass Lewis favored the incumbents.

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    • current management yes, but not the current board. We need more restaurant experience. The 2 guys aren't from MRC so if you are concerned about that then don't vote for Thomas Lynch.

      How can you vote for the guys that almost let Jundt destroy KONA? They did nothing to stop him.

    • Read the Mill Road proxy. It was the current board that let Jundt's father invest $1 million at $1.19 per share even though they had a better offer, $1 million at $1.45 per share if I remember correctly, from Mill Road.

    • If Mill Road is on the board they will have a greater responsibility to get the best deal for shareholders. Unlike the current management, they care about their reputation. If Mill Road goes away, this is easily sub-dollar again. Management is just dying to get their buddy Jundt back in here so they can further screw us shareholders.

    • I absolutely agree DC. They Millroad certainly doesn't represent the interests of stockholders other than their interests. I am with you in giving the current structure a chance to work. Can't be worse than the Jundt disaster.

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