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  • ezpwjunky ezpwjunky Jan 3, 2007 10:16 AM Flag

    stock run up--preannouncement

    This may be the start of the somewhat typical run up that tends to happen prior to an EZPW earnings call.

    What is interesting about this move is that it may force EZPW to do an early positive announcement of earnings. Corporate lawyers get nervous when they are sitting on earnings surprise and the stock starts moving. Therefore, if the stock continues to go up I've changed my prediction and I agree with qo that there will be a pre-announcement in the next few days.

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    • Is today "THE DAY?"

      • 1 Reply to qofaslave69
      • I can tell you today at 5pm. The stock has been all over the place the last 2 days. Gap up yesterday, drop like a stone on Mars. Gap up today drop again, moving up now.

        If they know the number, I would think they will put it out. But at some point the business we get big enough (I hope) that it takes longer to crunch the numbers. I just wondering if we are heading to that point. In any event still a good buy and a bad sell.

    • I still think we get a pre-announcement even if the stock goes flat. Last quarter on Oct 11th the stock was at its lowest price and on the 12 we got the pre-announcement. The prior 3 quarters there was a run before the pre-announcement. Either way we get the pre. and a higher share price.

    • Garp--Gofas--I have a small position in swhc. I got in early--less than $5, and really believe that this will be a continuing growth story. They misfired (pardona por favor) by 2 cents last quarter and were taken out and shot. I bought some more then. I really believe in their story and can tell you the gun business is gangbusters right now. Anecdotal evidence would make you think we were going to be invaded any time now. The S H O T show in Orlando is next week and they will introduce their new long gun line. I have seen some of it and can tell you that it will gel nicely with their plans for the company and be accretive certainly by the beginning of next hunting season. (Sept 07) Zyk

    • Garp-- I am a lot older than you and have been my own worst enemy in the market. If it is a good stock when you buy and nothing changes, STAY with your convictions. I owned valero at 4 bucks in the 80's and sold at 8 for a double. I quit watching it, but it caught my attention when it was near 100. I have been right too early several times and had no balls to let my winners ride. Fortunately because of our pawn business, I have stayed in csh, fcfs, wrld, cacc and ezpw. Bailed out of aea when is crapped out, but think I ought to get back in--also, have a little qcco and dllr. This, I really believe, is a sector with legs and I am happy being in it pretty heavily. At Divi's suggestion, I am in some mreits with the real money and happy with their protection from a quick crash. Your instincts and deductions have been right, but it is easy to let emotions whipsaw you out. Zyk

    • Gofas--I know just how you feel--I watched a 10 g gain around 10:15 this a.m. turn into a 1700$ loss back to a little over a g up this afternoon. Reminds me of the late 90's when there was REAL VOLITILITY. I know you were sick while watching also. Usually I don't stay on here, but was doing some book work today and kept sneaking a peek at the account--almost wish I hadn't. Zyk

    • Another couple of days like this and EZPW will say "uncle" and pre-announce their earnings. Since it is a fait accompli that they'll blow out their guidance, they'll get very nervous about a leak if the stock keeps trending up.

      If the stock settles down then, imo, they'll wait till their normal earnings call to announce the positive EPS surprise.

      What I think will blow away people is the amount of cash they'll have put on their balance sheet during the Dec quarter. This quarter and next quarter will see the EZPW balance sheet strengthen considerably.

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