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  • qofaslave69 qofaslave69 Jan 16, 2007 8:24 PM Flag

    IBD Mo-Mo traders

    You need to post more often! EZPW will be up 20% next week with more than 10 million shares traded after they crush their numbers and raise guidance for fiscal 2007.

    That TA stuff is a lot of smoke and mirrors, but solid growth is like crack to Wall Street!

    E-A-R-N-I-N-G-S is what eventaully trumps all on Wall Street!

    The most significant aspect of today wa sthat we lost the IBD mo-mo Morons.

    Did you notice the company sent out a press release after the bell inviting everyone to listen to their conference call? Good news is right around the corner!

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    • I have been saying all along exactly what you are saying Q. Rotunda has been horsing us for over a year now.

      1) He added a huge amount of shares this year

      2) UPOD like CRAZY and almost always an upside surprise to drive us much much higher (great bear traps!!)

      3) 3/1 split with a company that can scrap/smelt to add to earnings if they need it...who in their right mind expects them to not exceed guidance???!!!??? what are you nuts! these guys want to make money not lose it!

      4) He practically screamed "buy my stock you morons" in the last CC when they stated over and over again that 144 PDL's will be maturing THIS YEAR. AND that current store openings "are not as large a drag on earnings as expected". Does he have to come to your house and say "hey tard, we are making tons of money quickly, buy our stock!"

      5) Now for one last nudge, they put out the invitation to listen to their CC after a big down day. He wants you to listen because his company is making a crap load of money!

      How much clearer can one man make it? If he was a teacher he would be fired for helping the students cheat.

      The future is bright and weakness is a gift.


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      • All of this is true, and completely obvious to you and me, because we have done our due diligence. You would be surprised at how many people trade in stocks, who don't do their homework. There ought to be a law...

        Many IBD mo-mo (momentum) traders just buy stock in companies that their paper may happen to recommend or "black border" without any knowledge of what the company does or IF it makes any money. To top it off, they cling to the 7% sell rule which probably forced some of the little rats out yesterday. Do you think MM's know this stuff?

        I truly expected EZPW to trade below $15 after a 3 for 1 stock split and I have posted that many times. I waited 5-6 weeks for this day to come where I can get shares at a decent price. The lots I purchased yesterday are the most I have ever paid for this company. Why would I average up? Simple...I believe EZPW will hit new highs this year.

        Good luck to all! I feel sorry for those who got shaken out of their shares!

    • Don't get me wrong. I never like to see a 10% drop on above average volume; hwever, the earnings models you and garp and junky have done and the stock's prior price / volume behavior keep this in perspective

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