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Trico Marine Services (TMAR) Message Board

  • dagoman1 dagoman1 Jan 12, 2001 5:56 AM Flag

    Well boys

    I see we finnally got some news. More union
    stuff. Why is it when someone gets fired its never there
    performance its always something else. Trico should come out
    with a statement about this. Is there anyone from
    Trico listening. Do you ever put out any news.

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    • Things that have happened:
      Warburg set $22 as its target for TMAR.
      OPEC sees an opportunity to cut production.
      GOM oil is looking good.

    • Prodigious_accumulator_of_wealth Prodigious_accumulator_of_wealth Jan 12, 2001 5:51 PM Flag

      I will be very interested to hear the facts, but
      I suspect the facts will be somewhat hard to
      determine from within the legal BS that will cover up
      everything. While there is a possibility that the firings
      were improper, what are the chances that the press
      release is somewhat biased?

      I suspect that the
      two individuals were either fired for other reasons
      or possibly for the conduct alleged, but after
      warnings that they were violating contract agreements. I
      really don't know the management at TMAR, but I do know
      that the legal situation in this country is such that
      few companies would take chances on wrongful
      terminations. Principally because it is too easy to take
      advantage of job protection laws through our legal system.
      It is hard enough to fire someone who truly deserves
      it without threat of a frivolous lawsuit. Where I
      work, it usually takes a conviction of a criminal act
      to assure winning a wrongful termination suit. In
      fact, one fellow, sent to prision for theft of company
      property, was terminated for failing to show up for work,
      and he tried to file a wrongful termination lawsuit,
      based on the fact it was not his fault he couldn't come
      to work. He figured he was owed his job back when he
      was released. Unfortunately too many are just settled
      rather than go through an expensive court case. It is
      cheaper to pay than to fight. Most get a few years salary
      as a going away present.

      Another incompetent
      person, was given 3 years of chances to improve his
      performance. He found a reason to "blow the whistle" on a
      minor matter towards the end and claims that is why he
      was terminated. He asked for 2000 times his annual
      salary in compensation. To defend the suit, it would
      have cost probably 200 times his annual salary. I
      don't know what he actually got in settlement, but this
      might be a good retirement strategy for the unethical.