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  • cohsgrad cohsgrad May 6, 2007 5:24 PM Flag


    Next to impossible to say anything new about this company.

    I sure thought good things would begin to happen when they converted the preferred and I suppose sales have increased but not nearly as much as I expected.

    When Hresko was at Primus he hit one total grand slam when he landed Kodak. Aside from that he just did well enough to keep them in the game until they sold out. Hopefully that new very large mutual fund company is going to mean $2-$5 million license revenues over the next couple of quarters.

    Wonder if that would attract any interest in the stock if they got profitable for a couple of quarters? Their guidance is for profits for the last six month (or one huge final quarter!) so I would like to think they would have announced a miss already if it wasn�t going to happen. Guess we will find out on Thursday.

    Hate to be so cynical but they need to create an opportunity for the investment bankers to make some money. I tend to think they could attract some interest if the big holders were to sell some shares and issue some additional equity to pay off the loans from Oak, Ash and raise an additional $10-$15 million for working capital. Until there is some float and interest in the company no one is going to have the nerve to touch the thing except small players or private equity.

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    • I agree that Thursday is likely to be very important with respect to which way is this company actually headed. Given the Cisco venture, expanding their European connections, the principles are heavily invested in Egain, they appear to have a superior, they seem to be remarkably honest my hunch is that they may show an earnings surprise or at least present positive guidance.