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  • cohsgrad cohsgrad May 7, 2007 6:19 PM Flag

    Kana Tottering

    As poorly as eGain is doing there is always Kana to make one feel better.

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    • Just as I was getting "smug" about Kana's share price finally moving toward fair value, eGain has a bid price of $.60

      Anyone listen to the Kana conference call? I havn't yet but it looks like the market recognized the smoke and mirrors associated with their acquisition accounting. They were technically profitable but even with "bozo the clown" as CEO they could have become profitable and generated revenue growth given the acquisition. Acquisition accounting saves the day again!

    • I know that. You indicated that there was too much competition and I merely said there is significant competition across all software segments with the exception of Microsoft. By that I meant operating systems appears to be the only natural monopoly.

      A lot of money got tossed at this sector in 2000/2001 but I see no reason to not believe that this remains the case and eGain can find niche's where their sales will exceed the associated SG&A/R&D.

    • Im am not talking about MicroSoft.

      I am talking about the other companies that directly compete with.

    • Using that logic all smaller and regional businesses should just give up and allow their larger competitors to take over.

      Microsoft is the only monopolist in the software industry that I know of.

    • Cos,

      Seriously. Get real. There are single regions at some of the competitors that book $2.7M alone.
      Probably even single sales reps that book that much.

      This is friggin pathetic at best!!!

      Now are we talking reality or are you folks still smokin crack???

    • Think what you want about me.

      I like to make money, not lose it.

      Therefore it would make no sense for me to invest in a loser company. If you think this is a winner take a look at the "max" chart for eGain and Kana.

      That alone tells me that this is a major loser.

      There are way too many good companies to invest in.
      Just trying to help the uneducated from losing any money.

      I seriously wish you the best of luck. Looks like todays' outcome is not favoring your success.

    • Kana is under $2 a share now.

      Having said that, the performance of their shares has certainly outstripped that of eGain.


      Should be a couple of years before Kana hits the capital markets again. New crop of suckers so to speak.

      Would love to know how many times they have issued non-option equity over the last 10 years. I've lost count.

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      • Gross proceeds from the sale -- the shares sold for $2.45 a piece -- were $9.8 million.

        Since KANA stock price did not take a hit on this event I suspect there is plenty of capital interested to get into a company like Egain. But with the stock tanking perhaps that is what is going on. Suppose you held a large number of Egain shares and were looking to inject more into the company. By selling off even a small portion will and has dumped the PPS. End result could be a better entry for a follow on investment in the company. Just some wild guesses.

    • Everyone has plans for success. The only problem is execution and if it was easy everyone would do it.

      We'll see what happens but my prediction is that Kana will wind up at $1 a share again although it might hit $10 before declining again. I just see nothing to indicate a viable business short of cutting expenditures and just servicing current clients.

      As for eGain I've been wrong so many times my guesses are worthless. That said, if they aren't strong these first couple of quarters of FY08 I don't see how they can ever hope to be.

    • Kana is good for us Egain folks. If they can command $3.00 plus with their fundamentals banking on their potential ace in the hole to maybe propel them into profit then that says eons of good tidings for Egain that looks like it is truly getting its act together and already has Cisco about to kick in. This company needs a good marketing campaign.

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