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  • wildwildutah wildwildutah Jun 1, 1999 11:44 AM Flag

    Regarding KM801257's messages

    Please join me in reporting these messages to:

    The usual sniping is annoying enough, but this really offensive drivel needs to be stopped.

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    • Biggest growth still to

      Monday November 15, 8:18 am Eastern Time

      Press Release

      Innovative Medical Services
      Announces First Quarter Results

      Profitability and Chain Store Rollouts Provide Momentum for

      SAN DIEGO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15,
      1999--Innovative Medical Services (NASDAQ: PURE - news)
      announced that the Company posted revenues of approximately
      $905,000 for the first quarter ended October 31, 1999,
      compared to
      $795,500 for the first quarter of fiscal
      year 1998, an increase of 14% over last year. The
      Company announced net profit of approximately
      with earnings per share of $0.03 (diluted $0.02) for
      the quarter, as compared to net income of $137,700
      and earnings per share of
      $0.04 (diluted $0.02)
      for the same period in 1998.

      ``We turned in
      another strong quarter by executing our focused strategy
      of steadily improving our pharmacy business while
      expanding into consumer water treatment,'' stated Michael
      L. Krall, Innovative Medical Services' President and
      CEO. ``We are confident in our
      profitability, and we will capitalize on our momentum to
      accelerate our growth in the coming quarters.''

      During the first quarter, Innovative Medical Services
      completed a deal with CVS in which CVS will rollout the
      Fillmaster System to all of its 4,100
      stores in the next
      year. Also during the quarter, IMS announced its
      engagement of Mass Marketing Services to represent the
      Nutripure 2000 consumer water system to the wholesale club
      discount market. The Company expects to begin shipping its
      Nutripure product to
      the wholesale club discount market
      as well as to several national ``big box'' mass
      merchandisers at the beginning of the year. Revenues
      retail sales of the Nutripure 2000 should have a quantum
      impact on the Company's growth.

      Medical Services' third major accomplishment during the
      quarter was the signing of letters of intent to acquire
      patent and licensing
      rights to three different
      leading-edge silver ionization water treatment and
      disinfecting technologies. Details of the different
      technologies and
      their markets may be found in the
      Company's November 1, 1999 press release announcing the
      letters of intent. The Company expects to
      definitive agreements by the end of the calendar year.

      Innovative Medical Services, in connection with its
      investment banking advisors, continues to explore potential
      complementary acquisition
      opportunities in the United States
      and worldwide.

    • Someone got 5000 warrants today (10,000 double counted) at 9/32. I agree could be good like a long-term call. PURE made it about 2 7/16 today. Looking good so far.

    • The warrants strike price is $5 and the
      expiration is summer of 2002, I think. More importantly, is
      they admitted that they are seriously considering
      lowering the strike price of the options to make them
      in-the-money. The logic is that this is a cheap way to do a
      secondary offering, which they could then use the cash to
      ramp up manufacturing production. I think it's a
      no-brainer at the 28 cents ask price, though you could
      probably buy no more than 10,000 at that price. Also,
      Don't forget, Wal-Mart's coming!

    • what are the conversion terms on the warrants and when do they expire?

    • to get in. The big news is yet to come. The
      warrants usually lag the stock and haven't started moving
      yet so that is definitely the way to play this. Also,
      last week's press release talked about their alliance
      with NVID. Check out that little gem. At 7 cents, you
      get a company that is on the cutting edge of the
      impurity cleansing technology of water. It trades so low
      because there are 47 million shares. However, my crystal
      ball sees a buyout by PURE. Check it out!

    • The announcement today of PURE getting a contract
      with Giant Food Stores for their water purification

      didn't seem so large until I found that this is a
      subsidiary of a company with 3600 food stores worldwide and
      a market cap of almost $20

      I put in orders for 18,000 shares today at $2.00
      when I saw the announcement, which filled in 14
      transactions by 3:08 then someone bought about 35,000 more
      shares late in the day and the bid went to 2 1/4. Volume
      at 161,300 shares was the heaviest since last May
      and the close at 2 1/4 the highest since last January
      14. IMHO, could be the start of something big.

    • Is fire the IR firm for its incompetence and lack
      of performance in light of this announcement. Mild
      resistance at $2.00 and I agree with the next stop in the
      $3.00 area. I wouldnt dilute this company until the
      common is at least $5.00. There are enough warrants to
      finance the comapny for the next 12 mos..Plenty of time
      to find a REAL IB as well.

    • This company has unlimited potential in an industry that has a great demand.

    • I don't know which will come first. However, I
      heard that one will start with a 40,000 unit order!!
      Both are done deals. Target is also ramping up its
      order. This is going to have a domino effect on the
      market. Earnings estimates will skyrocket, institutions
      will want in, and there isn't enough stock to go
      around at these levels. I'll predict we hit 3 1/2 before
      any pullback. The biggest problem PURE will have on
      the business front is meeting capacity. But shouldn't
      that be every company's biggest problem???

    • about Costco and Walmart deals.

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