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  • ipasbluson ipasbluson Jan 30, 2010 4:14 PM Flag

    TWAT=> Paul Kanjorski <=TWAT OF THE DECADE


    Washington Harvard Ethicists advised former Pres GWBush that the USA owes Russia addend payments for the Alaskan Purchase. You see, when the “Tsar” sold Alaska, he was an acting “dictator,” thus the sale is “ethically” invalid and/or unfulfilled, until the USA pays arrears to Russia in order to give the Russian people the (ethical)/fair price on the land–considering the oil underneath it & all.


    GW Bush & Oligarchs followed thru, and conducted a financial programmatized scam upon America, as follows:
    -Many wealthy Russian Oligarchs took out generous loans from Russian banks, then bought shares in Russian companies, and then took out more loans from US & Euro Banks against the value of these shares (as collateral). Conducted secretively during the Bush Admin, the GAO was & is well aware of the loans & consequences, GAO was prepped by Special Senate Commissions on how to behave, and what to talk about, and NOT talk about, and was committed to regarding this a “sunk cost.” To deploy the scam people like Paul Kanjorski were used to only say that the Fed was "Saving the Big Banks."

    More payments are planned to be conducted under the disguise of loans to Russia & Russian Oligarchs. The Russians for their role in this theater of fraud are deliberately defaulting (as instructed to do), and the US Media speciously portrays this as “bad decision making mistakes by banks,” when in fact these are programmatized, pre-meditated, deliberate decisions to channel massive US Funds to Russia.


    Grossly unfair to conduct this scheming, unfair to disguise transactions of such magnitude; however, it’s Not intended to be fair to you and me–even if it harms you or me.


    The 2008 global recession and credit crisis-

    Many Russian Oligarchs took out generous loans from Russian banks, bought shares in Russian companies, and then took out more loans from United States banks against the value of these shares (used as collateral).

    One of the first to get hit by the global downturn was Oleg Deripaska, Russia’s richest man at the time whose net worth was $28 billion in March 2008. As Oleg Deripaska borrowed money from United States banks & European banks using shares in his Russian companies as collateral. Expectations for loan recoveries are nonexistent.

    The Russians who were shareholders of Russian companies, and who sold their shares to Oleg made mega-buck profit from the American Loaned Cash—Oleg served as one of MANY a conduit to sap Enormous Cash Flows out of America.


    US media portrays these “Bad Loans” as honest mistakes because the CIA has established media programming dedicated to distract & prevent focused public attention on this matter. Such as the "grilling of Geithner," yet hold silence on the failed Russian loans, silence on the Oligarch’s defrauding of American & European banks, silence on how Geithner has & is replenishing those banks (like Deutsche Bank) for those Russian Loan losses at 100 cents on the dollar.
    Segregate Loans to Russian Oligarchs !


    Bush’s TARP paid US & Euro Banks for their Russian Losses (why do you think Bush wanted his TARP to be exceptionally unregulated).

    That’s the motivation behind the transactions causing enormous money flow out of USA into Russia! Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner, Bush, Obama, Ok’d it for the Washington Elitists, deployed it, and they’ve not finished. Bush gave a huge balloon payment, which "tanked" the economy as he left office.
    The Obama Admin payments have consisted of those going through AIG, and CIT--just before CIT filed bankruptcy protection. Taxpayer loses on CIT are 100%?-->Because it's not a loan it's a CASH TRANSFER to Russian.

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    • Since you brought it up, chew on this!

      FYI--> A little known secret that most Americans have no clue about.

      The Georgian Conflict that started at the start of the 2008 Olympics was motivated by this "covert" financial aid (TARP & Bailouts) the USA is giving Russia via Oligarchs. Georgia, who has always wanted full independence, its' properties returned, and the right to receive foreign aid for commercial development have been largely denied all these by Russia. Instead Georgia's Pres learned of the USA's intentions and observed its' startup, and the forward of aid (in the form of CASH) to Russia, and yet Georgia didn't receive a dime of aid. They also were aware that more aid for Russia was/is coming (Obama's), as Bush was sending this Nations' biggest money transfer to Russia in 2008 via TARP to AIG. (Georgian President Mikheil Nikolozis dze Saakashvilivi received a fellowship from the US State Dept [thru the Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program]; also, he received an LL.M. from Columbia Law School in 1994 and took classes at The George Washington Univ Law School the following year. So he has a netork to slide him information on "covert" operations...hence the money transfers were actually "uncommon information." Can Washington keep secrets?!? ANSW: Only from you! Only from you).

      Georgia decided that, if they can't have any, then they can at least ruin the prize--and Russia consumed much of their gains in sending troops to Georgia. Bottomline Bush sponsored the Russian Army's visit to Ossetia & into Georgia, and the USA continues to fund it by giving AIG pass-through money to Deutsche Bank and other European banks which give money to Russia & Oligarchs in the form of loans--albeit bogus loans, because there is never an intention to receive anything in return, no principal nor interest.

      Then, after the Russian invasion, the USA offers aid to Georgia! Free cash to Russia, free aid to Georgia--it's like european military exercises with live ammo being sponored by the USA! It's like watching & sponsoring dogfights! GWBush loved the movie Aliens vs Predators. GW Broke us, Geithner broke us more, and has more pain to dish out, so GET GEITHNER OUT! This crazy-ast Washington Elitist Plan, begun by Bernanke is a SCREW-UP! We need to demand that Bernanke stop...this has turned inhumane. We need the money for this hemisphere. STOP BAILOUTS IMMEDIATELY! ! ! People are suffering right under our feet.
      The fatalities in Haiti will be much higher, because we are unable to respond as well. Great Going Washington Harvard Elitist Traitors! Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner are conducting Unconstitutional activities. TARP should be halted immediately. There are other needs! Or is Bernanke that inhumane--has he No Conscience!