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  • davidroberts_1972 davidroberts_1972 Apr 5, 2010 12:45 PM Flag

    Mr. Rogers was 100% Wrong

    I bought RJA 2 years ago. Turned out to be the worst investment I had ever made! I thought Jim Rogers was a shrude investor. Well, if he is so smart then how come his agriculture recommendation turned out to be a total disaster? I ended up losing about $9,000 on that B.S. advice. Mr. Rogers thinks he knows everything under the sun. The media call him an "investment legend". That is a bad joke. I will never follow anyone's opinion on the market again. By the way, I am posting this message in the hope that the genius stated above reads it. Thanks for everything Mr. Rogers.

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    • Jim Roger's is NOT a market timer. He's a directional trader. Was he wrong about Fannie and Freddie? No, he wasn't. He was short both of these names two plus years before the implosion. He was outspoken about being short those names when few were paying attention. He will also be deemed right about his long commodity trade!

    • Does anyone know if RJA gets a k-1 form instead of a 1099 at year's end for tax purposes. Thanks

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      • everything went down 2 years pretty much in 2008. You just bought at the worst time.

        That is your fault. You did not do enough research.

        He was right. You just bought too early. That is the problem timing.

        After all, you should buy a small position to see first to probe the market and set a stop loss.

        RJA has gone up quite a bit in the past six months, 50 percent, from 6 to 9.50 right.

    • Ummmmm...lets fast forward a little

      This is my all time favorite post and I will refer back to it at $10 $12 $15 $20 $50 and $100

    • know how you feel dude...i put a chunk into RJN the oil sister and lost about the same...still holding and waiting for oil to go to 300/bbl probably before i break's like a pro golfer endorsing a guarantees

    • you should have realized that he is a lucky farm boy. he seems very ignorant in his interviews if faber is present. but what can you expect from an american?

      his dislike of wall street makes him hope that farmers and the producers will have their day, and the people driving tractors will have mazzaratties is crazy. everybody knows it will be wall street owning the farming companies, and the people driving tractors will be mexicans.

    • Yeah well hes going to be wrong until he is right. lol. In time crop commodities are going higher again. Its just that the market has not figured that out yet. The market it not looking very far out on ag commodities. Oil used to trade just on weekly inventory levels but not the market it looking further out on the oil picture. Mr. Rogers is just a bit early to the ag commoditity bull market. In any given year increse in demand can be trumped/overshadowed by excellent weather. I would not count on the US and world continuing to be lucky on the weather. The whole supply demand picture can make a major change in one growing season, and the world has been lucky on the weather lately. jmho

    • Mr. Rogers just rolls the ball out there, it's up to you how you play it.

      Jim Rogers would be the first to tell you that he is horrible at timing his investments. He has said that straight-up numerous times on CNBC and Bloomberg. He thinks in terms of decades. Of course, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

      Since RJA is just a basket of ag commodities, I don't think that you can blame Rogers for your pain. Look in the mirror for that. RJA is just there to provide exposure to those many commodities that it holds. If you do not want to suffer like Rogers through times like this, then you must have a method for entering and exiting RJA to cut losses or take profits, or you must allocate a much smaller portion to buy-and-hold and never watch the daily/weekly movements, so that you will not feel so much pain.

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      • I think this stock has enormous potential. Next Wednesday the Fed is going to start flooding the economy with more Obama dollars.

        It may take a few years to kick in but the dollar will eventually be almost worthless. Before that happens you should be able to get out of RJA with a lot of money to convert into something other than dollars.

      • I think part of the problem is that people think there is a food shortage crisis today, when the real problem is in transportation to where it is needed. Having said that long term demand is going much higher and the short term ample crop supply can change to a shortage in one growing season. Commodities short term are as unpredictable as the rainfall data. long term Rogers has got to be right. As long as the population boom continues and energy prices climb etc, crop commodities have got to go higher. Improving emerging economies and switch to premium protein like beef will also drive these commodities higher. I think the only real long term risk is if an epidemic changes the world population growth. I do think multi-drug resistant TB now incubating in the aids population is a major epidemic threat. once mdr-TB breaks out of the aids/hiv population where it is incubating we could actually see stall in population growth stats.

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