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  • bobs1016 bobs1016 Feb 25, 2011 2:02 PM Flag

    smallsmart= Moron

    Warning to users, smartsmall has been bashing for the last few months. He started when the price was below 6, then quieted down until we were at 7, at which time he got very active again. I dont know if he is in the money on his shorts or not, but be very wary of his posts. He may be trying to cover soon and wants lower prices so he doesnt lose more money. For that reason, it appears that he will post anything to scare new investors.

    With earnings coming next week, he may ramp it up even more. I expect earnings to be very good once again and with the new GPS contract, future earnings should be excellent.

    I believe we will go much higher from here within a year. One caveat though, is a potential share offering for expanded GPS products. If this happens, the price could take a temporary hit. However, I dont think any offering will be made unles the price goes higher from here.

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