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  • tmkay tmkay Sep 29, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    Must read--scan of all stocks

    I did a scan of all stocks listed om the 3 major US exchanges.

    1--Price/book < 1 = low share price upon book at .12
    2--Price/sales < 1 = low share price upon sales
    which means high sales at .13
    3--Under 1% debt (no debt).
    4--Rated strong buy.
    5--Sales growth over 15% (20.30%).
    6--Price/Earnings > 0 (profitable).
    7--EPS > 0 (profitable).

    I received a list of over 200 stocks.
    ZSTN had the lowest P/E of $.78 with a whopping unbelievable $2.28 earnings per share.

    For each share you own you get $4.34 cash based upon total cash of $50.25M and this is doesnt include real estate and equipment...

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    • Because its not real!!! That data should give you a strong hint. Do some research on CCME, UTA and CHBT and see what people were saying right before it was realized that it was all FAKE numbers. The Chinese can make anything up and get away with it. Will screw them in the long run because nobody from the US will want to invest in Chinese companies. The Chinese government needs to punish all of these crooks and realize that they have only harmed the future of international investment in their country

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      • Lets not put good apples with bad apples and call the whole bunch bad. I hate it when people lump all companies together. How about the good companies? Should they suffer too?

      • I beg to differ with you. The stock was in the $8 range going higher last September 2010 when the 1st shorter posted his message. The stock dropped a bit but not enough for him so he came out with a 2nd letrter in Dec. Then Steve Wegener went on a trip to China and posted his blog attacking ZSTN. Many investors here proved him wrong but the damage was done. Then Chimin Sang took Steve's blog and used it to attack ZSTN again on SeekingAlpha. Although it was the same old references, investors were spoofed. He posted another letter on SeekingAlpha again rebuking the company's reply to false allegations. He wasnt satisfied with the drop in price, he wanted to drive it down to the $2.60 range which he did.

        That is why the numbers are what they are. The company is in the range of the same sales, revenue, growth, cash position, debt, accts payables that they were in 2009 when I started with as they are today. A steady growth of 20%.

        Did you research every quarter since 2008?
        Nothing has changed except for a brighter future as they added a new GPS line which is extremely successful. More growth. Higher revenues and sales. So tell me, what is wrong with the figures? The stock should at its lowest base price be in the $7-$9 range based upon Nov last year and the P/E and EPS would look more normal.

    • If you read their 10-Q, they generated over 26 million cash just last two quarters.

      At today's price, it takes less then 10 million to buy out all the float.

    • Sounds Something too good to be true.

      Lost over 20K on this cheap stock. Never trust these con artists.

      Do you really believe they have 50 million dollar on hand?