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  • cvdpro cvdpro Dec 1, 2011 2:03 PM Flag

    A significant chinese companies

    announced buy out(go private), most of these companies are trading at P/E of 4-5.

    So not all Chinese are lies.

    I just don't see any rational not to go private if the P/E is one, any the cash sit on the company is more then enough to complete the transition.

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    • It is Richard and the others who are dumping stock on you - not the Shorters. There is hardly any short interest. Wake up!

    • I looked in the insider transactions posted on yahoo finance. I havent seen the document you posted. So Richard is not an insider but still has to report his transactions to the SEC.
      I wasnt kidding in my previous note.
      The company (ZSTN) is one of the best-run public companies and most profitable.
      Investors will come back to the Chinese sector and see the value in ZSTN. I cant blame the company if unscrupulous shorters caused the price to decrease. It should recover again.

    • I guess he doesnt want to disrupt the trading of the stock. Seems to be thoughtful on his part.

    • Like mizesaw, I suspect a mole or two. Rappaport's 13D speaks volumes. Why is his 2010 filing nowhere to be found? It must have been lost when the bizarre S-1 was put together some 11-12 months ago.

    • I havent sold any shares in 3 years. I dont know who Richard is. I havent seen any insider activity so Richard hasnt dumped any shares since they were awarded to him in 2008. Maybe he has an agreement with the company?

      ZSTNs stock price should be around $10 about now if the shorters havent posted their articles. It was gaining ground going over $8 around Sep-Oct 2010 with the superior earnings announcement. It should be in the $10s now.

    • No, because Richard is dumping all his shares.

    • Im glad ZSTN isnt going private. Then I can wait until ZSTN reaches its target price of $14 which shreholders and management are holding out for to sell their shares for a tidy profit. ZSTN is too cheap to go private.

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      • Again - you are unbelievable...

        If you actually bought where you said you did - and if you have actually lost as much as you say you have - you would be furious at the company - instead of always apologetic.

        I have always liked WKBT for example, and once felt lucky to have gotten in at an average price of $0.70. Well that is until the last quarterly report came out which was a complete disaster!

        I still believe that you are a paid tout!

    • If they really had the cash they would go private as AMCF is.

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      • Thank you for your inquiry and your support of ZST Digital. Management is continuing to focus on the issues that are under its control, namely the effective management of the business. As you will have seen from the company’s third quarter results, the company is successfully executing on all aspects of its strategy, delivering another quarter of steady top- and bottom-line growth. In addition, management is working to increase shareholder value through the execution of its USD$1 million share buyback program. In the 3rd quarter, the company re-purchased a total of 84,855 shares worth roughly $200,000 at an average price of $2.32. Since the initiation of the stock buyback program last year, the company has repurchased a total of 204,499 shares for a total $690,094 at an average price of $3.37. The company is also considering other options, and will base its decisions on both its desire to increase investor confidence and the effective management of its capital to ensure that it can capitalize on the growth opportunities in its growing end markets.

        As you may be aware, the entire universe of US-listed small cap (and many mid- and large cap) China stocks has suffered due to the actions of a fairly small percentage of companies that seem to have had legitimate issues with their reporting and transparency. As such, many companies are trading at depressed valuations through no fault of their own, ZST Digital included. ZST Digital continues to maintain an excellent working relationship with its auditors, BDO China Li Xin Da Hua CPA Co., Ltd., a BDO Member Firm. The firms auditor, per regulations required by PCAOB and securities laws governing the US capital market, once again signed off on the company’s financial reports for the third quarter.

        As significant shareholders in ZSTN, management’s interests are aligned with investors. The company will continue to seek ways to increase investor confidence, while also focusing on business execution. The company is continuing to perform in line with its expectations, and reiterated its full year revenue guidance range of US$160 million and US$175 million, and net income range of US$28 million and US$30 million.

        Again, we thank you for your support and would like you to know that management remains focused on increasing shareholder value