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  • asenior84 asenior84 Mar 9, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    I was scared

    Doing research on ZSTN I came across the following article. Although it was written by a firm that was shorting ZSTN i found it so informative that I sold out my 5000 shares at a loss today.

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    • I thank you. I have confidence in the company but not in the stock market.
      Technically I did a search coming up with 300 stocks and ZSTN came out TECHNICALLY as the best stock to invest of all the stocks in the marketplace.
      EMOTIONALLY Chinese stocks have been beaten down. Many reverse takeover stocks have been slaugtered and rightfully so with fraud and crooked management. D@mn them bad apples.
      Management has been steady and open since the beginning. They just updated their website for investors. The Chairman and CEO, Jhong Bo, is an MBA from the old school. Pride in his business, not in it for the money. He is an active participant within Henan Provence as garthered from the awards and presentations on the website.
      The problem is how Wall Street views ZSTN Im guessing in negative ways. Its the classic bad apples doesnt make the whole bunch bad but people still lump all Chinese RTOs together.
      If ZSTN continues their winning ways Wall Street in their infinite wisdom will come around and investors will be rewarded. TIME is the big issue here. Its not IF, but WHEN will they wake up???

    • fishervirginia Mar 11, 2012 7:41 AM Flag

      I am in ZSTN because of you. Please keep up the good work. Also I'm selling my weaker stock to add to ZSTN when the shorts bring it down.

    • Chimin Sang also wrote 2 articles because the stock price did not drop enough. The 2nd article was specifically on ZSTNs SAIC vs SEC reports. Chimin should be out in jail.
      I wish the SEC would view these authors who are shorters as crooks stealing investors money.

    • ZSTN has had 3 separate auditors over the past 4 1/2 years. Every time they upgraded their auditor to a better auditor for the sake of investors. They want to prove their wothiness.

      ZSTN is at P/E of 1 because the shorters relentlessly bashed them down. Although all arguments were proven as prefabrications and lies and mistruths (see my 4 post reply) stupid investors sold off scared believing seeking alphas negative articles. All the authors admitted they were short and their agenda was to drive the stock price down.

      Those who lost out were foolish sellers...

    • You'all need to do your homework here. I call BS on this whole topic. That article has been used a few times by bashers on this site to lower price per shares here so they can make money shorting this stock. I believe asenior84 is deliberately trying to use this old article to stir it up again. The other post that asenior84 has been referring to is spam, and so is the follow up post, read the messages they put up. Jesus people this stock dropped and you got duped. Look back on previous messages and you will see this re-lived for the last year a few times now. Under the moniker to a poster hit "read messages"

    • fishervirginia Mar 9, 2012 8:42 PM Flag

      Thanks for the nice short folks who enable me to buy right and get rich quick. I'll continue to buy every time you bring it down. I love you , but your time is nigh.

    • #4--The article said: "ZSTN lied about its business relations and market share in the Henan IPTV and GPS market."

      ZST sells their cable products through distribution channels. In the past they didnt label their products so the customer wouldnt know which company their cable boxes came from.
      If you asked the customer if they ever heard of ZST Digital Networks, they would say no.
      If you asked them if they ever used their products, they would say no.

      Since ZST didnt direct sell and didnt place their logo on their products their customers didnt know where they came from except for the cable boxes exceptional quality and reputation as told by from the distributor.

      This is a common practice in teh distribution industry. Many PCs have internal parts without a mnaufacturer brand. They are sold as generic in bulk to lower costs to clients.

      Oops again. How many times does the shorters forget to mention these facts? Im sure they all have VERY poor memories and only tell falsified one-sided opinionated statements with facts from the company.

      Why didnt Chimin Sang wait for the ZST Digital Networks to reply to his allegations and offer a rebuttal? Because he knew he would be found out and needed to force the stock price to drop to gain on his short position.
      Where are new shorters articles since 2012?
      Please write just one more new article?
      Theyll come out again from their hole once the stock price reaches $14.

    • Westpark Capital. They created a WRASP so firms can go public using their vehicle.
      ZSTNs BDO China is not BDO Hong Kong but another BDO which is highly respected. They are a FIE not a VIE and have been audited by the SAIC prior to using the RTO shell as a public vehicle to enter the marketplace rather than going through the OTCBB. Since foreign direct industries ARE allowed within the cable and GPS products industry in China they are the only viable FIE in Westpark Capitals Group.
      Woops again, the shorters failed to mention ZST is a FIE not a VIE, BIG difference.
      FIEs are audited more closely than most IPOs.
      Oh no, the shorters didnt mention this fact???

    • #2--ZST purchased the lower floors of office space which is substantially higher than the upper floors. Oops, the shorters forgot to mention this. ZST rebutted saying that they got a "good price at the time" for the floors and that they listed at least 10 real estate firms with real phone #s to contact to check their information out. Right now they are using the space for their expanded commercial GPS systems. Does Jhong Bo really need $5 million to embezzle when he is worth around $25 million in stock alone? (used $5 a share).
      He has never sold 1 share since 2008. He doesnt need the money nor does anyone at ZST when they are making 30% profit year over year.
      Woops, the shorters didnt mention this either.

    • #1--ZST were filing SAIC reports as a filing requirement only. This was a common accepted practice in China, but not any more these days. ZST is currently properly filling out and accurately filing their SAIC reports.