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  • pat141 Mar 27, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    Cash is King

    I have been investing for over 40 years and fortunately or unfortunately have a large position here. The results of the halt will clarify the situation. I have had clunkers (Worldcom) & gems (Jos Bank) & many others over the years. Since this is in our 12 grandchildren"s trust I am upset. Opinions are like A**H***s everybody has one and that's where we all stand. My opinion is that it would be very unusual for BDO to sign off on previous filings and not notice an error in the cash position. I don't care what else the nasdaq or sec is questioning as long as they have their stated cash. So, "Show Me The Money" and if that comes in as accounted for the rest is static or noise. If not the party's over and I didn't get even get a drink and my date went home with someone else.

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