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  • tmkay tmkay Apr 27, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    Current situation

    Ive read all your posts here about ZZSTNs current situation and want to point out some important facts (which I always do)--

    Look at order, very important

    #1--BDO resigns as auditor due to a disagreement. ZSTN tries to mend relationship but it doesnt work (See 8-K filing).

    #2--ZSTN immediately posts a message saying they are seeking a new auditor to file their annual 10-K filing.

    #3--ZSTN has been working with Nasdaq since end of last year. Either ZSTN or BDO notifies Nasdaq about BDOs resignation and Nasdaq puts the stock on HOLD to protect investors.

    #4--ZSTN voluntarily delists knowing they cant make the 10-K annual filing date. Being forced to do so might show they are trying to hide something and be fraudulent. They show transparency but know they will be hiring a new auditor soon and filing their 10-K anyway.

    #5--There is a 10 day holding period--see the 8-K filing. I dont know who set up this 10-day period but investors know well in advance ZSTN will delist voluntarily and the stock will be trading in 10 days.

    #6--The stock opens up on the pink sheets 10 days after the holding period as promised.

    If investors see all these events as they happen I believe this was the best way the company handled the situation. If they can "fix" their problem by hiring a new auditor and show they are transparent and pass the auditors annual 10-K audit and present their fundamentals with good revenues and sales, the stock will reflect their position in time and everything will be OK. IMO

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