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  • tmkay tmkay Dec 2, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    AER Advisers & Peter Deutsch

    Hello to all,
    AER Advisors and Peter Deutsch are waiting out their time for a delisting.
    In the meantime, they are probably buying shares on the cheap or waiting
    to buy shares on the cheap and either find a buyer for the company
    or sell their shares to Jhong Bo at a discount to him a a high profit
    to them.
    I know AER Advisors and Deutsch have all the time in the world to wait this
    scenario out which is what they are doing. Its the smart thing.
    This is their plan with the millions they invested. I hope all those who are
    waiting for a buyout from Jhong Bo or a company will get the best price
    available. Its a waiting game like it always has been in the marketplace.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Hi tmkay,

      " Its a waiting game like it always has been in the marketplace."

      Isn't that the truth! I still shock at the events and the way the company has reacted. I cannot not do anything but wait it out! If they are still generating business like they have been this year; they should have a lot of reserve for a buyout if it is ZSTN doing the buying. If it is someone else; then I not sure where this is going - could take more time for sure.

      Surprise nobody has made any articles on the company. Forbes was a big fan of ZSTN but nothing from then since the award back in 2011??

      I guess either case; they who ever they are have to come with the financing for it; and in China I sure it take more time then in the U.S.

      Not sure what geraldscat is trying to say when he said: "The buyout price will be high---but their will be virtually no investors left..
      Sorry to say that won't be me. My position was such that I could not take that risk.
      Harry I follow rule #1 --protect your capitol"

      Did geraldscat - scat from ZSTN?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • AER Advisors and Peter Deutsch had a total loss on CMED. These guy did not know what they were doing.

      ZSTN had not communicated with the investor for 6 months. They did not even bother to issue the unaudited finaancial results. They just go total dark. If the company has some ethics, it should at least communicate with the investors. They really don't have any incetntives to take the company private right now. I sent lots of email to the companies, so far no answers for any of them.