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  • blindinvestor2426 blindinvestor2426 Feb 11, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    Everyone Should Understand this....

    Hobo, or Bullmarket has actually been to Belize, seen the well site, watched them drilling, seen their progress and what has happened. Unfortunately, that now makes him an insider. For those who post wanting him to answer specific questions must understand that he cannot mention anything except what TECO puts out, unless of course he may have something contradictory, which he has not posted anything like that. So, while I'm sure he would like to divulge all, he is under some restraints, which I'm sure you all should recognize. This is not an attempt to provide a cover for him, it is just a fact and is governed by the SEC. He has been particularly forward with his posting that he and his associates are continuing to be extremely favorable to the company and are definite holders of company stock. That in itself should explain a lot when posters read between the lines for answers to your questions. And for sure, good luck to all TECO owners.

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    • yes they should

    • Your not good at what your doing lol u obviously think your right just because he posted here doesnt mean he was the first first of all second of all you are 100% wrong and i dont have to prove to you y but i will let you continue to think you are right lol good try though if i hadnt done my research i may have almost believed you well not really but sounded good. Good luck lying to people buddy . I know you think your right and your not but its k long as you feel good about yourself

    • # 1 rule when investing in stocks:
      Never fall in love with a stock.
      # 1 rule on message boards:
      Never believe 99.9% of what you read on a message board.
      You don't know who your talking too. I posted to 3 differant guys on one board for 6 months before I found out they were all the same guy. Talk about a wake-up call. Fool born every minute and it was my minute. (for 6 months) Didn't lose any money but it was a shock.
      Even had a guy posting as a lady needing help in stock trading. Must have had 200 guys taged on to her trying to make points.
      They are all here, waiting for your minute to come around.
      It's your money. Do your own DD and then ask more questions.
      PR people are like used car salesmen, they get paid to produce. So take what they say with a grain of salt too.
      This is all IMO so do what you want. I have 80,000 shares and thats the limit I set for now.

    • Yes, and I already posted the proof. But here it is again.

      From the wealhtypenny board.....

      Quote ""

      Not to be posted anywhere.....TECO


      We have our first well... 30m ago.

      11 or 12 more to drill.....


      Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:03 pm

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    • Can you prove that he was the one who leaked it lol im glad i dont bother with what your saying yes he was there but he in my humble opinion wasnt the one that leaked first

    • Here's what I'd like to know. And I think these are reasonable questions.

      1. We know that Treaty opted to drill well #2 before well #1 in Belize. My question is at this time is the company still drilling well #2? If so, is there merely proof that this well does indeed have oil, or is oil actually being pumped currently, flowing and being processed? If so, what is a realistic timeframe on production levels data?

      2. Is there actual oil flowing in Texas yet or is the company merely preparing to begin drilling in Texas? I'm asking because I've heard from some on this board that the company's Texas sites have already begun producing "some" oil. Yet the release awhile back represented that the company was merely preparing to drill in Texas. So I'm unclear on that.

      3. I have only talked to investor relations at Treaty once, so for those on here who have talked with IR numerous times and from your discussions with others who own this stock, my question is based on the information you have gathered, do you still think 1,000 BOPD (regardless of whether it's coming from Texas or Belize) by the end of Q2/2012 is realistic?

      Again, I think these are reasonable questions. And for the record, I am long Treaty (now 230,000 shares), SSN, KOG and DEJ. So I have a vested interest in the company's success.

      Thanks in advance. Any insight would be appreciated.

    • You should understand that Bullmarket is a self proclaimed promoter. His words not mine. Previously he was promoting Cotton and Western Mining [cwrn] as the next great thing. That stock is a complete disaster, just check it out.Blind, you seem like an honest, smart guy, and a lot of board members trust in you. All i am saying is be sure of who you trust. Bye the way, i am still sitting out for now. Good luck to you.

    • But the cat is already out of the bag. It's been PR'd that Treaty hit oil in Belize.

      Soooooo... How much oil did bullmarket see come out of the well in Belize?