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  • soapseller98 soapseller98 Nov 27, 2012 4:51 PM Flag

    2.00 per share is a pipedream

    The stock isn't at 2.00 ,it is headed for the pinksheets , JRo just left as did GMs in the South . The waste business was sold back to the people who sold it to Swisher for pennies on the dollar . This is a last ditch effort to stave off bankrutcy ! the "New River Capital ' gang has struck again !

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    • iyel,
      Thanks for such an elaborate and very informative reply. This shades some light on their ways of dealings and what their intentions are. So, when you say they may end up folding the business like they did with CB, does that mean the share holders will eventually loose all their investment? The cash that they may have will somehow end up in the managements pocket and we the shareholders will be left holding the bag. I am not very sure why people like Jeb Bush and some Senator are involved with this outfit? It seems they are brought on the board to bring credibility to the business and keep investors paying for the stock.

      Based on your description you seem to been successful investor with the CB transaction and you still have faith in the management that they are crooks. Your figure of $1.43 being bottom is based on the cash they might have on the books? When you say the management model is to start with nothing, issue equity, collect cash and somehow build the business to hit the lottery and then implode. So what stage or phase are we now in??

      I don't think SEC is going to give them further extensions to file financial reports and then NASDAQ will delist the company. What happens then to us shareholders? I don't know why they still don't have permanent CEO or CFO. Are they somehow trying to scare the shareholders to sell the shares that way insiders can them up for cheap? I just don't know how long I could wait for financials. I had never imagined that this could turn into a nightmare? One last thing since you are willing to hold on your shares - if you don't mind me asking - what your average price and how long you have been holding. I am so confused and at this point and SEC is not investigating at all.

      Thanks again for your help in making me understand this tangle of web. With best wishes.

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      • 1 Reply to meimine
      • What I meant by the $1.43 was that is the downside. It cant go below zero I hope.What is the upside and the RRR if they ever get this mess straightened out? As for Coolbrands it was the pre november 2010 Huizenga that came to the Serruyas of Canada who owned Coolbrands to chat up a merger .His private and struggling company merging with what was once the third largest ice cream company in North America that fell apart due to the poor business decisions of their own management. Coolbrands wound up selling off all their lines wound up with all cash and no debt and sat around waiting for a new opportunity. The Serruyas saw Swisher as that opportunity. By the way the last time I checked they still had close to 5 million shares of Swisher. It was CB I was alluding to that started with nothing found themselves pretty damn close to the top of the heap and then let it all slip away. I only wondered if the group running Swisher now would go the same route now that they have sold off by far their biggest asset.

        As for my shares-keep in mind my cost basis is my cost basis in Coolbrands and quite a lot of those shares go all the way back to that IPO and that was gulp in 1986 I believe .A lot of the shares I bought up after their great collapse back 6 to 8 years ago. Way under a buck. With the shares spread out in multiple accounts the overall cost basis runs from a low of 61 cents to around $3.50. Again keep in mind my cost basis is Coolbrands not Swisher. If you want a peek at the past go over to the Toronto Stock Exchange where Swisher also trades as did Coolbrands. The TSE has the HX going all the way back. You can see both the good and the bad.

    • I would add that the critics here who focus on the fillings are quite correct. If you can't manage timely let alone accurate reports you really have made a muck of things. Unlike some of the critics I dont see veniality. Just astonishing lack of control over the information flow. Wayne Huizenga in his day was known as a control freak who had his fingers in everything. Given his track record(he was and is an icon) and how much of his own coin was on the table here I do wonder where he was when his financials came unglued.

    • larrybud Nov 29, 2012 10:29 AM Flag

      JRo left? No Way. He's been there from the very beginning. I'm trying to Validate it.

    • Best to keep selling soap, this stock is going to work out.

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    • I'd be happy to see YOUR evidence.

    • Pennies on the dollar? How do you figure pennies? They bought it 22 months ago for 5.7 million cash, 50 million in equity and 40 million assumption of debt. They just sold it for 123 million cash.

      There are plenty of negative things to be said about Swisher, their operations and how they balance or fail to balance their books. That deal they just closed isnt one of them.

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