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  • pmdkia pmdkia Mar 8, 2013 1:14 PM Flag


    If the SEC, Tronto stock exchange and the Nasdaq have not delisted swsh they have some real good evidence that they will regain compliance. There are certain rules under the delist Reg that companys that cannot prove that errors were commited and not fraud can remain listed under watchful eye of the agencys. SWSH has held meetings with SEC and Toronto and has shown that fraud, is not the issue here. They SWSH has given them enought information to satify there concern. If SWSH knowingly has given them inaccurate heaven help them. SWSH is a company coming back from a stupid mistake and have shown the agencys with backup that they will not go BK, have enougth cash and are not stalling for time or trying to cover up a fraud. I for one Iam long and have plenty of skin in this SWSH. Iam a risk taker and believe given time they, (SWSH) will come out well. Just remember if the agency are letting SWSH off ez and for some reason this shows up and there was miss information causes losses to share holder by the SEC not doing there job a class action suit will be in good order. They the SEC have made many mistakes in the past I don't think they are willing to protect someone who truely is at risk. I will wait it out as long as it takes. Next Friday we may all know what has been going on, but come win, lose, or draw SWSH will come out of this smelling like Roses. I wish all go luck and ask that this name calling and company hatered stop. Have a good day all see you all Monday AM You see no one loses money until they sell.

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    • PDMKIA, who wrote this for you? I have been reading your rants long enough to know this isn't your composition. All the suppositions fit, the crazy faith in a group of people that have poked you and the rest of the shareholders in the eye, the resulting lack of vision about the company, the irrational inferences, that all fits. But not the lack of spelling errors every other word, the incorrect syntax, the obscenities, the overall lee than frenetic tone. Did the charge nurse at your home write it?

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    • pmdkia, you make me smile.

      Conclusion? Do you even understand what compliance means? How do you regain investor trust once credibility is lost to all those people that have been burned. Do you comprehend exit strategies? You only believe in this because you have willed yourself through incompetent investing into believing something that isn't rational. Numbers speak. Nothing else matters. Good investors have long memories. They bet on people and ideas that have merit.

    • Great! I am going to buy so much stock and become so rich. PMDKIA, do you know of any other companies that are not getting delisted, because I want to buy their stock too. A good chance of not getting delisted is a great sign for any company!!!

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