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  • c.luke44 c.luke44 Mar 18, 2013 5:52 PM Flag



    It was announced in the CC.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You have to admire confidence from the pumpers. I have $5000 that I want to put on the line to the charity of your choice to anyone willing to take this legal bet if you win. If I win, I will take the same $5000 and go long on SWSH, publishing the purchase and will transfer the stock to the charity of my choice. Win/Win. Here is the deal: You win if SWSH breaks $2.00 at anytime in 2013 or I win if it goes under $0.90 at anytime during 2013. Takers send an email, we will put the cash in escrow, winner takes all. Put up or shut up.

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      • miscaccting Mar 20, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

        Wow. I have been watching this board for a long time and have always refrained from posting, although sometimes with gritted teeth. But this is just too good to ignore. Well done, sir. (My apologies if I have the gender wrong). The courage to openly put your money where your mouth is - and I *do* believe you - is what separates the men from the boys (re-referencing above gender remark) and the leaders from the followers. Very nicely done indeed.
        And as long as I'm posting, I send sincere good luck to those who are long, because losing money is a hard thing indeed. But I regret, based on current information, that I'm with the sells - because investing is, or should be, an unemotional affair, and I have read the filings. These numbers are all we all have to go on at the moment, and at the moment they are awful. I know there's a lot of hope (and a leaning on Swisher's part) to blame the loss on the expenses of the audit, but that just does not add up. They burned 70M+ in 2012. The audit was only 18M of that, and that's probably slightly high.
        That said, in the bizarre world of Wall Street ab8 actually *is* wrong: a profit is not technically necessary for a company to be seen as perfectly viable. Look at Sears! How many quarters - how many years! - have they run in the red? How many dotcoms would have killed for a whopping zero profits?
        But a major difference between Sears and Swisher is Mr. Lampart's willingness to put *his* money where *his* mouth is. He just bought another couple of gizillion shares. And the dotcoms died.
        There may be a rabbit yet for Swisher to pull out of a hat, but I suspect it will be an expensive rabbit indeed. Currently no one seems to be stepping anywhere near that plate. So forgive me if I turn the bet down! But I will certainly tip my hat ;)

        Sentiment: Sell

      • Neither of the pumpers, I count only 2, has even $50, much less $5000. If they did, they wouldn't take the bet because neither of them has the knowledge base to be investing in anything, and they know it. 2 of the biggest ignoramuses in the world of dirty toilets, a milieu they are comfortable with.

        I do admit to being a little intrigued about the type of personality that has a limitless ability to make fools of themselves in public, and seem to enjoy being viewed as rubes, and jesters. One seems to be detatched from reality, while the other seems to be really really low IQ. That means Investment Quotient. Not that he lets that deter him from making laughable suggestions. They do give a little levity to this board. We should enjoy the spectacle they create. Once the company get delisted, this board will be taken down.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • They will never take you up on it. This stock will hit .75 before it hits 1.75.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • This is turning out even better than I expected.
      Q3 increased revenue 20% while costs rose just 4%.
      ex out the nonrecurring review expenses and interest and they are nearing break even now.
      Just some simple extrapolations of current trends gets us to profit.
      Add the solid financial position of $70+ million cash and nearly no debt and for me it is a buy.
      I'm looking forward to seeing new acquisitions and growth.
      Time to move on and up.
      My opinion.

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