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  • pmdkia pmdkia Mar 27, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Alpha"s last ditch

    Effort to bring SWSH down lower to cover and buy for the upswing. Its not going to work this time. They may show all sorts of numbers which we all know them, but what we want to know is the FINAL NUMBERS which will come out next month and shareholder meeting on June 5 which I will attended. Alpha is trying to scare weak hands into selling hoping to bring the price down for there agenda, ( cover) We may see a small drop but nothing like a free fall like some would like. I for one still holding Patience, and waiting till "all facts" are in. I believe SWSH is holding an ace somewhere and has release the bad new first, losses and whatnot as a smoke screen as to what they really want to show. Iam not a pumper, basher, iam an investor who has been down this road before only to be surprise as to what a good team of ppl can do. So far Its my opinion that SWSH will come thur with there comment of being profitable in the near future. I only carry one ID so please do not make any assumptions that I hide behind other posts. I will be here till the end whenever that is. Stk down right now 3cents to 1.26 and fighting. Remember they have cash and cash is king. I will not except defeat or victory till the fat lady sings or the final numbers come in. I have the lets wait and see mentality no matter how long it takes. Money makes money. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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