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  • pine52x pine52x Sep 19, 2007 5:22 PM Flag

    China Freezes Prices

    I think it is important and will get a lot of attention in the next few weeks. Think about it! Their inflation will be our inflation since we buy everything from them.

    Of course inflation is good for a country with $9 trillion in debt. High inflation will eventually make the debt seem manageable. Inflating our way out of our debt crisis is the only way we will be able to pay it. Of course, it is good for homeowners as houses become more expensive to build so property values rise. Everyone will want two homes as protection against inflation.

    Just pray we eventually get leaders in Washington who want to do good for the Nation. Not people who only want to get re-elected and advance their party issues.

    I do not own DHI. Not looking to buy it either. Just reviewing the message board to guage investor sentiment.

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