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  • The union strike couldn't have happened at a
    better time. With the slowdown in the agricultural
    sector Titan would have had to lay off employees and pay
    them unemployment pay. But since the union went on
    strike it saved Titan from having to lay off and then
    pay unemployment. That Morry is a pretty smart fella!

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    • An Iowa court recently upheld the payment of
      unemployment to the Titan strikers. According to the story I
      read, benefits were awarded as early as last August and
      will be paid into 1999!!!!! Why weren't we
      shareholders informed about this??? Also, Titan's web page
      says that production at Brownsville was to start in
      1998. It's now 1999--I haven't received any information
      from the company or read anything saying how the
      start-up is going--OR is it going?? What is the management
      of this company doing? Is the strike an excuse for
      bigger problems???????

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      • The natchez workers join the Des Moines workers
        in receiving
        unemployment compensation.This will
        take pressure off of any
        workers to cross the
        picket line.
        The job market is tight in natchez,
        but close to half of
        the Des Moines workers are
        employed and still find time to
        picket Titan. Over 150
        are employed at the Firestone tire plant
        in Des
        Moines and this plant builds the same type of
        as Titan.
        I heard the plant in Brownsville
        did'nt have a boiler
        to make steam yet and you can't
        cure tires without it.
        Titan purchased the land
        and buildings in Des Moines from Pirelli for 20.3
        million on the 12/31/98.Titan already owned the equipment
        at the tire plant.
        Meetings between the company
        and union are taking place
        but they have a long
        ways to go to get an agreement.

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