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  • maxschmit777 maxschmit777 Aug 15, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    The Deere Effect

    This is down today in sympathy with Deere's bad numbers attributed to the drought. Cramer, the Clown, said Titan was "expensive"--with a 9.17 PE? The last time it was mentioned, he said he preferred Deere. Go figure.

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    • The chart shows it all, lower highs and lows.

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      • <<The chart shows it all, lower highs and lows.>>

        Not really. Recently there has been some higher highs and higher lows. Low of $18.34 on 7/26, high of $21.40 on 8/1, low of $19.88 on 8/2, high of $22.11 on 8/9, low of $20.31 on 8/15. The chart really doesn't look too bad.

        The only reason I set a lower GTC BUY was a general macro call on the market. I already have plenty of long positions participating in the rally, but feel that everyone is getting too complacent while figuring that Bernanke and Draghi puts are a sure thing. I am just having a hard time justifying going longer in the market at these levels than I already am, but TWI looks pretty good here. JMO.

    • Don't know whether it will get there, but I have a rebuy order in at $20.04 for the time being. By the way, it

    • he said he preferred CAT in this segment, but he loved the ceo and the co during the ceo appearence on the show and now he says it was wierd interview. Seems like Cramer is distancing himself from this co. In retrospect seemed to me the CEO was pumping !

    • A friend of mine keeps reminding me that his
      account is at record highs, but he owns only
      shares of large companies like ISRG, AAPL, AMZN.

      The market is liking the huge companies but our
      days will be coming.


    • Is this is bordering on comedy. How can both Deere and Titan report record everything and still lose? I understand a miss is a miss but JC they are both healthy companies! Oh and the fact that TWI is down this much after it's already been beat down so much, also doesn't make much sense.

      Cramer said it was "inexpensive," not "expensive." But he also said he thought it wasn't a "huge buy."

      All I wonder now is, when is this correction - that is almost sure to come - going to take Titan even lower?

      I'm a big Titan fan and am just sick of all the bad news about an industry that was - until this random drought came along - poised for a good run.

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      • A few months ago Cramer had Morrie Taylor on his
        show and Cramer talked about how great TWI was doing.
        I bet Cramer had TWI shares then and sold them within
        a few trading days as the share price peaked at $22.95.

        Market timing is a mistake. If you like TWI, join me in
        buying more. Just recently it went into the $18 bracket
        so choose your price accordingly.


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