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  • gmoney64138 gmoney64138 Sep 15, 2001 7:41 PM Flag

    HTKirby & Don't Sell Yet, et al

    To both: Thanks immensely for your recent posts. Very beneficial and please, please keep us updated heading into Monday's reopening of markets here in the U.S., ok?? I echo the previously stated sentiments about how my family and I pray that we lived in a civilization that does not require the services of a MAGS, but unfortunately, that is not the case. From the U.S. Midwest our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of victims of all ethnic and religious backgrounds who were directly affected by the bombings. Can anyone shed further thoughts on the feelings of people overseas regarding these bombings?? These diabolical deeds will be answered both here on Earth and in the afterworld in my opinion. Just me, Gmoney

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    • Thanks for your thanks :)

      You wrote: "Can anyone shed further thoughts on the feelings of people overseas regarding these bombings??"

      Hmmm...if I answer this (and my fingertips are itching to do so) this will be the 5th financial forum which I am involved in which will start being flooded with politics. I have been devoting hours, many hours, to the issue of "educating" the new victims of these cowardly, creul, unhuman acts of terror in different aspects concerning the moslim menatlity, "vision" (hard even to write that word in this case) beliefs and nature. I can also tell you hundreds of horrifing stories from this part of the world.

      Let's give it a rain check for the time being.

      In the meantime I'll just say that for those of us who've been experiencing acts of terror since the day we were born, it was not a question of IF but only WHEN regarding the awful attacks on the US. We have been hearing them calling the US the "big devil" aside Israel, which is the "small devil" since we can remember. And when they have to burn only 1 flag, they'll probably choose the American one, not the Israeli.

      I know this all came as a shock out of the blue for you guys (or as our former PM, Benjamin Netanyahu put it: "a wake up call from hell") but it was inevitable.

      The amount of shere hatred they have for the American values of freedom, opportunity, capitalism, ENORMOUS. They think you are the "work of the devil" and must be eliminated.

      Ooopppss, there goes 1 of those political replies...

      Take care and be well,


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