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  • poet_trader poet_trader Oct 7, 2001 1:33 PM Flag

    dsy, what's the word in israel

    about this u.s. attack of afghanistan? what's the reaction like to sharon's statements to bush on friday? very mixed reaction here in the u.s.

    thanks in advance for the info, my friend...

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    • lol! ;)

    • Of course Israel is 100% behind the US in ALL its actions against terror in Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever you decide to conduct them!

      Lets put aside Sharon's speech. It is a complicated matter to explain now with the possible depth of this message.

      It is much more important for me to convey, as strongly as possible, a certain point.

      Let me make this crystal clear:

      Bin Laden, the twisted lying fuck, is trying to MAGNIFY the situation and to turn this into a Jihad (The Islamic "holy war" against all non muslims worldwide, be them Jews, Christians or just anyone who doesn't want anything to do with this horrible religion).

      You probably all heard Bin Laden's (pre recorded) speech on TV.

      Israel was brought up several times throughout the speech (well, surprise, surprise...)
      Bin Laden started using the "Palestinian" card to break the unity of the American people in their justifed battle against him. He is the man who killed thousands and caused billion of $s of damage to your country and to the world.

      America, do not fall for this cheep propaganda.

      Bin Laden doesnt give a rat's ass about the Palestinians. Neither does any other arab country in the world!

      The arabs didnt do ANYTHING to help the Palestinians ever. Egypt and Jordan are the ones who created their refugee camps, BUTCHERED THEM IN THE THOUSANS, and killed any chance of them ever getting modern education much before arch terrorist Arafat became their horrible leader.

      It's a long story. It's hard for me to summarize this all now.

      Just PLEASE make sure your families and your friends spread the word that any trial to blame Israel for anything is a SICK TWIST of reality, in which the moslems leaders are so damn good at.

      Bin Laden is today's Hitler. There are others (Saddam Hussein, Arafat, and more).

      Lets get this new Hitler at an early stage before he causes similar damage.

      ISRAEL IS WITH YOU IN YOUR BATTLE, however you choose to conduct it!


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      • I have to admit, this is a pretty good idea!

        Subject: Another solution
        I received the following suggestion about what to do with Osama bin
        Killing him will only create a martyr. Holding him prisoner will inspire
        his comrades to take hostages to demand his release. Therefore, I
        suggest we do neither.
        Let the Special Forces, Seals or whatever covertly capture him, fly him
        to an undisclosed hospital and have surgeons quickly perform a complete
        sex change operation. Then we return her to Afghanistan to live as a
        woman under the Taliban.

      • Ben Laden never had any interest in Israel before. He is just belatedly trying to get some support from Muslin nations.

        If he had taken any actions in Israel before this, he would have been dead already.

        P.S. Another good Israeli defense stock is ESLT (Elbit Systems) It is another technology company Israel uses for their own defense.
        It is just off its high.

      • thanks friend... i'm sure that 99.9% of americans understand fully well that bin laden and the taliban are just trying to spread propaganda against israel to save their own ass and further serve their vile interests...

        i've spent time in israel and have done quite a bit of study on the subject of the middle east... i strongly agree with your statements... it's terrible what's been happening in your beautiful country (terrorist activity)... sadly, america just had a taste on a very grand scale, of what the israelis have been living with for decades...

        if any positive twist can be placed on the horrific even of sept 11, it's that the entire world seems to have finally united against terrorism! i live in lower manhattan, and watched both wtc towers go down with my own eyes... everyone here seems to have lost someone they loved or know of someone who did... woman who lives in my building lost her 29 year old husband... there's a candle that's been lit for him in the building lobby since the attack... a fire station a few blocks from me lost 9 of its 11 firemen... anyway... very sad here...

        hope you finally get those bastards!

      • That was me, of course. Different alias.

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