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  • MAXIMONIOUS MAXIMONIOUS Dec 28, 2001 1:41 PM Flag


    Could someone help me with more info on MAGS. Or where to go for the info. The info I have seems very positive and the msg board seems negative. Was' up wit dat?


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    • I'm long on VSNX as well, but with the revenue level, I think its a bit ahead of itself and will be trying to pick an exit point over there myself.

      Conversely, MAGS has some real revenue, EPS, and growth. I think its a much more solid long term investment. It has been a volitle puppy with the security technology stocks lately however.

    • I think you would be doing the right thing in buying more MAGS and putting it on the shelf. The CEO said to look for good things in the second half of this year. Also VSNX is another good buy. They go beyond IDNX (which I also like) and VISG in that they have both Face Recognition and fingerprint scanning, which can give them a lead with existing customers who may want to use there other technologies.

    • Can anyone tell when mags reports it earnings and what impact that will have of future orders and its stock price?

    • What info do you have?

      Here's some info for you: This stock is dying-it has ran on the coatails of INVN, etc.

      Recent price run is speculation and now the volume has dried up.

      This stock has one direction and I think you already know what that is. $8 soon, then $5.


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      • MAGS run is far from over! First you do not want to be short a stock in this sector now these stocks will run up big on any news. Shorting a tech stock or airline stock is going to be much safer and more profitable.
        MAGS is involved in nuclear security and a nuclear war is brewing big time things are quite now but trust me earnings will bring MAGS PE down to 20 and we will see $17.00 before than!!!!!!! Sleep tight shorts and pray for world peace.

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