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  • dont_sell_yet dont_sell_yet Jan 28, 2002 9:44 AM Flag

    Not Worthwhile Posting Here!

    The level of this message board has deteriorated greatly during the past few weeks.

    Nothing but bashers, uneducated morons and idiots.

    And when a good post IS posted every once in a while - it gets sarcastic reactions/rude reactions/no reaction what-so-ever.

    I'm not going to be going through the effort of posting here for the time being until the posts improve.

    I hope the level of this board doesn't reflect the level of the shareholders!


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    • Oh, I'm very far from being briliant, but thanks.

      I'll checkout RACN when I have the time.

      Be well,


    • >>> "It would be better to have a war spefically against HAMAS and the rest of the terrorist groups."

      Now I am SURE that our explanatory efforts abroad are failing. This saddenes me.

      Arafat = Bin Laden = ARCHI-TERRORISTS.

      Hamas = Islamic Jihad = PFLP = PLO = Tanzim (Arafat's strong military forces, curtousy of Peres) = Force 17 (Arafat's "national guard" curtousy of Peres) = Hizbollah = (there are dozens more) = Al-Quaeda = Islamic TERROR ORGANIZATIONS seeking to distroy Israel and America (if given the opportunity).

      The IDF's chief of staff stated specifically a few days ago that the MAJOR source of attacks on Israelis during the past weeks was the TANZIM/Force 17/PLO all under Arafat's DIRECT control.

      FYI the Hamas has been losing power lately (mainly to the Tanzim). Many of the terrorists belong to Arafat's closest forces!

      "I'm saying that this strategy is not working so well"

      It's not efficient enough (that's why I am for an all out war) but it saves us many lives, daily. This is not my own belief, this is a FACT. Each day dozens of potential attacks (on different scales and with different targets) are intercepted successfully by our armed forces. FACT. I know you don't hear this on CNN or FOX because they don't cover attacks that DO NOT SUCCEED. And they do not tell you who the terrorist killed by our forces was in the organization and what he had done in the past / planned to do in the future (before he was killed).

      That's why people get the feeling that we are just killing "poor helpless military activists" (some of them are not less potentially dangerous than Bin Laden, believe me).

      "and an all out war does not look like it would gain anything where it counts. Here is something you could refrain from doing and, perhaps, it could lead to something positive. "

      If you reffer to the distruction of Israel as being positive, then maybe you're right.

      Maybe when they start firing the RPGs and "Kassam 2" missiles (8 km range) they have into Israeli cities you'll understand what's really going on here.


      I wish to end our interesting conversation for the time being if it's OK with you.

      (of course your response to mine is wanted, but I won't be able follow your final post due to lack of free time. My appologies).

      All the best,


    • You are never going to get the level of discourse on this board higher by letting the idiots drive you off. Just hit the ignore choice at the first stupid comment.

      I look forward to your posts even though I don't agree with all your political views. I am as supportive of Israel as anyone but I don't believe you can realistically do what you propose to attain a long term peace... our mutual goal. I'm not in the trenches as you are but I'm sure we agree on several facts. There are over 100 million Arabs/ Muslims/ Islamic Fundamentalists surrounding Israel. If they could be organized, they COULD be well financed and, at the least, present a formidable military enemy. At the least, there are many of them willing to sacrifice themselves in their cause. You live cheek by jowl with them and can't have a significant part of your population so hostile to you that you have to continuously deal with them in a way that keeps them out of the society. (It is justifiable and understandable for now but not a long term solution.) Last, the bone is buried with the relative birthrates. If things continue as they are, the Jews will be a minority in Israel.

      I'm all for fences and MAGAL ones at that, but you have to start examining all alternatives with the long term benefits, ie prospects for peace, uppermost. A good start and a meaningful gesture to the Palestinians would be to halt construction of new settlements.

      • 1 Reply to Miggie406
      • Hi, Miggie406!

        1st of all, I'd like to point out that I always make sure I read all of your posts and I truly appreciate them. Thanks a lot for posting here.

        Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

        The most important thing you did in your previous post was to add the "long term" and "current situation" differentiations.

        I too have such a differentiation in mind, at all times.

        In the *VERY LONG* term there is no other way to end the conflict either than reaching some kind of a peace agreement which will have to include giving in to the Palestinian's demands to some extent.

        However, and much more important, in the short-medium-long term of time, IMHO, any kind of security and/or peace talks with the Palestinians, on any level, will lead to no less than the eventual DISTRUCTION of Israel as we know it (in several stages).

        Currently and for the forseeable future the Palestinians are ENEMIES of Israel who seek no less than the total elimination of Israel. Such enemies should be fought against with the very clear target of achieving no less than a FINAL VICTORY over them before any kind of talks can be held.
        Absolutely no kind of gestures should be made to an enemy that wishes to see you 6 feet under.

        Very sadly I have recently reached the conclussion that such peace talks can be held only when the current generation of PA "leaders" (terrorists) die or totally lose influence.


        In addition, and with much less importence, let me assure you that the "settlements" are a non facor in what is going on. They are an excuse used by Arafat from time to time (and recently MUCH less) to gain "points" in the world's eyes.

        Try and remember when you've last heard any official from the PA even mention the word "settlements" in the media....hard to remember, right?

        There's a reason for that.

        Just as they once tried to make you believe that it was Sharon's appearance at the "holy grave" which started the current Intifada (allow me to LAUGH...the visit was OKed by the PA, btw...!) and now they don't, because we have exposed their lies, they once have talked a lot about the settlements and now don't anymore.


        The Palestinians are masters of propaganda and also have the ability to LIE without blinking.
        They also know the weak spots in the western, sometimes naive, world (trying to compare their fight to the gaining of independence of the US from the British is one).

        Don't be fooled!



    • agree but i feel like the stock is good and this yoyo may be paid to sour the board and hence get a few people out. Hit your ignore button for every new identy. Stay with the stock, I believe it is a good investment. I went thru the same problem at the IVX board. Now, I will spam-long on MAGS,AVL and TMI.

    • I agree. Please keep posting and use the ignore feature for the morons and spammers.

    • that's exactly why they do this. to run off anyone with any valid points to discuss. shame people go for it.

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