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  • swapman_98 swapman_98 Mar 21, 2002 8:33 PM Flag

    Don't get cute on buying Mags

    The forum was definitely a selling opportunity. However, the stock is near its bottom for this move down. The reality is a that a two thousand kilometer wall will be built between Israel and the Palestinians. Every bomb brings this reality closer to fruition. As the market begins to anticipate what the wall will mean to Mags, the stock will move.
    The stock is thin and volatile. But, don't get cute here or you may be buying it back at 15 not 7

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    • You can confirm this for me. I heard where they blew up the only brothel in Ramalah... killed all 11 camels!

      Were any of them related to you?

    • Dude, what freaking idiot you are?!! I feel sorry for your wife. I am astonished at your ignorance and pathetic replies. Not only, you don�t understand my points but you come up with a saying that shows you are really infatuated with Arabs.
      Maybe you should have MAGS build a fence around your home so you can detect the arab terrorists.
      Hey maybe they can also report that as income and their stock would go to the moon. fu*cking moron

      Think about this proverb :
      �A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in on the experience.�

      OK, buy some more MAGS you failure.

    • Strange that you don't deny that all the multiple identities are the same one, all posting the same extremist crap. Your solicitous concern for me and gratuituous advice to others on this board to sell MAGS is pathetically transparent. It's not hard to figure out why arabs hate high tech security firms, especially Israeli ones.

      I also know that old arabic proverb, "When you are trying to sell a blind camel, praise the feet."

      Your misdirection won't work here either.

    • Miggie406,
      You are perhaps the most pathetic individual I have ever encountered on a stock board. Your obsession with Arabs is not only strange but your belief that they are out to get you leads me to believe you suffer some sort of delusional disorder.

      When you walk outside do you usually have a feeling there are 4 or 5 Arabs hiding behind trees watching you? When you drive down the highway are you constantly checking your rear view mirror wondering if someone is following you? Are you afraid to talk on the phone because you believe "they" may be listening to your conversation. Does everyone you know look like an Arab to you? I think there is medication that can remedy your disorder. I suggest you talk to someone about it. Sitting there and posting the same crap over and over claiming there is some conspiracy on this Yahoo Board is simply not normal.
      Your posts are not helping your investments in MAGS.

      I told you to sell at $10.45 and short but you did not listen. Take care of your inanity before you invest another dollar. What a pathetic loser.

      MAGS down everyday except the weekend!!!

    • Stock "master":
      1) "ur" an a**hole.
      2)"its" going to be funny when MAGS pops, and I believe it will within a few months, and you take a loss on your short position.
      3) Speaking of pigs, please keep cornholing that pig you keep behind your pathetic little tent - it's the closest you will get to a real woman. Unless your sister stops telling you no.

    • There's more money to be made in grocery store coupons.

    • short INVN, thats where the money is.

    • HELLO, you can not tell i am holding a short position!!! Oh well, another reason to short. Keep posting guys.
      MAGS is going down and you are a pathetic loser if you think otherwise!!!

      short and make big $$$

    • Why are you on this board ? To help or just to be obnoxious ??

    • With posts like yours, I know this stock is going no where but down.
      ur = you are an idiot.
      its = it is painful to know that.
      You�re living in a nightmare (MAGS is draining all your savings, and the Arabs are going after your investments)
      keep holding this pig and see you at $5

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