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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Jun 17, 2002 11:59 PM Flag


    I have just seen two of the MOST CHILLING, HARROWING CLIPS ever shown on national TV.
    (MSNBC Alan Keyes - Palestinian TV-Teaching Terrorism)

    These clips need to be shown OVER and OVER again to the American People.
    These clips need to be shown OVER and OVER again to GW and Powell, so maybe they will
    understand what is really happening in the Middle East.

    I was so frozen and in shock watching these clips that I couldn't even hit the record button to get the exact words down.

    One clip was the Friday night sermon from Arafat's OFFICIAL Palestinian network in which repeatedly is chanted words to the effect


    These are the BASTARDS that Bush and Powell and the rest of our delusional leaders want
    the Israelis to negotiate with?
    (Am I missing something?)

    We might as well give Osama and company part of Manhattan island and let them set up a TERRORIST STATE there.
    Let's give them money and aid to build a capital where the World Trade Center used to be.

    Why not?
    That makes as much sense to me as encouraging the existance of a Palestinian TERROR STATE.

    The next clip was even more HARROWING.
    It showed the Palestinian equivalent of Sesame Street.
    The children were probably 5-7 years old and they were singing about

    This is what is shown on OFFICIAL Palestinian TV.
    This is how these BASTARDS EXPLOIT and PERVERT the minds of their children.

    The Israelis need way more than a FENCE.
    They need a IMPERMEABLE DOME - impermeable to missles, dirty bombs, biological and chemical agents...

    After what I have seen tonight on TV,
    I will say unequivocably (what I have known all along but what our delusional leaders STILL DO NOT GET) -

    that the Palestinians will never be happy with anything less than the

    These people must not be placaded,appeased, negotiated with -

    NO! NEVER!

    They must be DEFEATED!
    NOW! Before it is too late for all of us....

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    • "I don't LIKE playing politics, but we have to play the hand we are dealt."

      NO, ttmstock -
      No one HAS to play the hand they are dealt!

      NOT a person.
      NOT a State.

      This is not a game!

      This is not a simulation -
      This is REAL LIFE.

      These are innocent people MURDERED on a bus in Jerusalem.

      Many of the body bags were small because they were children.

      People were DECAPITATED!!
      Heads were flying.
      An arm here, a leg there.

      Many of the Survivors are now the walking dead with nails, rocks, dirt, shrapnel imbeded in their brains, eyes, cheeks, lungs,spines...

      Do I need to go on?

      ttmstock -
      I am the first to admit that I react to this situation on a highly emotional level.
      Maybe it's because when I saw the burnt out shell of that bus, I thought of my own 18-year old son taking the bus to high school.

      I don't think twice about putting him on his bus.
      I don't have to worry if my teenage daughter goes to the mall, that might be the last time I see her beautiful face.

      Maybe some day mothers in the US will have such worries if these nihilistic bastards who have no regard for life are not stopped.

      How many Israelis must die in your "game of politics" - 1000? 10,000? -
      before it is acceptable in the eyes of the world for the Israelis to retaliate,
      to advance to the next level?

      The people of Israel do NOT have to be the United States sacrificial lamb to the mighty God of Arab Oil or to the "God" of the Islamic extremists.

      Israel needs to say say FUCK YOU!!! to the ENTIRE World (if need be) and defend its citizens with ALL ITS MILITARY POWER.

    • (Btw, the previous post should have been titled: "Answers for Ttmstock - II".)

      When I wrote, in my 1st reply to you, about going after the funding from Iran and Iraq, I "forgot" to mention the main source of funding for world terrorism:


      (and there are others as well)

      My temporary amnesia occured because I was answering your suggestion to go after the money from those specific countries, and you yourself didn't mention Saudi Arabia.

      Saudi Arabia is THE source for: A. The funding, and not less important - B. The religious brain-washing and "education".

      Now that Saudi was mentioned, please pay attention to Syria. Another country which Bush is playing a "double game" with in terms of fighting terror (please, no offense!). This is due to different strategic reasons in the area. Not due to oil.

      Israel wanted to attack Syrian bases last month, in retaliation to Hizballah attacks on our northern border and land. Bush vetoed that.
      The issue of Syria's support of the Hizballah and Islamic Jihad will have to be dealt with sooner than you think. There are no less than 20 terror org. with presence in Damascus (!).

      This, of course, does not prevent Syria from being in the UN's "security council" as we speak.

      Strange world indeed.


    • 3. The Average Mohammad on the street may not care about his life, but guess who do care about their lives? His beloved leaders! Arafat and his vices are VERY scared to die (especially if they do not die as "martyrs") and even more scared that their families will. Arafat and his vices have LONG AGO sent their family members abroad. Arafat has a wife and daughter in Paris. Go after the leaders and their families! Why doesn't Israel do that? you'll have to ask Bush for the answer for that one.

      4. "Killing all the Arabs" won't help (or will it?), but "killing tens of thousands"...WILL!

      In order to understand this issue you MUST understand that Muslims in general and Arabs in particular do not value lives like you and I do. They value death much more. It's a culture of death. So if you kill 10, 100, 1000, they do not care. On the contrary, they see this as a WEAKNESS on your part ("What? Israel, the Nuclear superpower has killed only XXX of our people?!" Crazy approach!).

      When a Palestinian is asked to describe his roll models in fighting for independence, do you know what he answers? The people of Algier! Why? Because they received freedom from French occupation (FRENCH OCCUPATION?! How can that be!!!!) only after 1 Million Algierians were butchered without trial by the French (do you think we should investigate that?).

      So when you kill them in a war, the whole scale is different. 1, 100, 1000 doesn't make a difference to them. 10,000, 100,000 - now we're getting somewhere.

      Crazy? SURE!

      But hey, I'm not Muslim, so don't come to me asking for the logic behind that 1.

      And finally:

      5. Do you know who the only countries who really succeeded in stopping terror are? The Arab countries themselves! the late King Hussein from Jordan stopped a Palestinian uprising in his country in 1970 (Palestinians in JORDAN? What where they doing there, so far from their homeland?).

      How, you ask?

      By putting 20,000 Palestinian civilians against walls and pulling the triggers.

      And do you think they had even a small fracture of the ammo they have now? think again. They were fighting him with stocks and stones.

      My friend,

      If you go on judging the situation here through the eyes of an educated and wealthy American, you won't find the answers!


    • Stopping the funding is only 1, many would say very technical, detail. You referred to money as the REASON for terror. ("OR, we can methodically ELIMINATE the reasons for terrorist activity in the Arab world. How? By taking out the true power behind the militant actions."). Money is not the reason, it's a tool. And may I add, again, a very technical issue. There will always be millionaires & billionaires in the Arab world who will be more than glad to donate cash to the issue. Osama Bin Laden is an example for that.
      Are you aware of the fact that Arafat is a Billionaire? the interesting question of HOW he became one of the richest men in the world is another story. I'll be glad to tell you about it in the future. Lets just stick to the issue of him having a personal wealth of about $2.5B, shall we? Arafat himself can fund terror, with no external help, for decades.
      Do you have any idea how cheap it is to create a pipe bomb that can blow up a bus? To create a 50Kg bomb? Peanuts!

      Sure, stop the funding from Iran and Iraq for the training camps, the resources for "education", the funding for the heavier ammunition (mortar bombs, missiles) - that's more than blessed. But to say that this is what will STOP a national craze of worshiping death which originates from a religious brainwash from simply mistaken, my friend.

      Terror will stop when the terrorist knows he has something to lose and when the Palestinians, as a collective group of people with future inspirations, understand they have something to lose.

      Here are a few examples:

      1. Every terrorist has family and friends he is leaving behind when he goes off on his sex-capade with the 72 virgins. If a potential terrorist knows that his family and friends will be either exiled to Lebanon/Tunisia while having their homes wrecked to the ground or will be killed, he'll think twice whether or not the whole idea is worthwhile. Why? because he himself might not give a hoot about his life, but he sure loves that fat mother of his. Luckily enough, we have all the proof we need ,in most cases, to actively link the family members to the acts of terror because the father/mother of a "shaheed" usually are taped bragging about their courageous son and how proud they are of him and would like his brothers to follow in his great ways. Bingo! there you have it - support for terror.

      2. Since the most important thing for an Arab appears to be his land, and not his life or the life of most others, why not re-occupy territory in response to the attacks (exactly what Sharon is doing now, after the strategic shift he has announced, and I hope will be able to go through with, though I doubt it): this way Israel achieves two things - A. Has the ability to control the area from which the terrorists originate, which isn't fully possible elsewize, and - B. The barbaric animals understand that they are shooting themselves in the knee, because not only will they not free their land, but rather...lose more land!


    • dizzy: We all know what is going on over there. We know the PLO is not anything more than a terrorist organization. The problem we have is that we have nobody else to talk with in the PLO. Should we just kill them all? That is no better than the Germans killing Jews. Unfortunately, the only final solution is going to have to come from other Arab countries. That is why GW and Powell play on the political bandwagon. If the Israelis are EVER going to be able to live in peace, it will require a strong hand from Arab countries. So for the time being, we have to appease some powers that be over there by trying to remain neutral. We all know we are not and plan on getting rid of a couple leaders over there who never want any peace.

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