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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Jul 2, 2002 4:44 PM Flag

    know who your enemies are, too....

    PA Predicts Attack on the US
    Arab Press Survey
    Arutz Sheva
    30 June 2002

    The Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin (PMW), June 30, 2002, per Itamar Marcus, reported on PA verbal attacks and threats directed at the US and Israel reminiscing those before the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. According to PMW, this Friday, in the official sermon on Palestinian Authority TV a religious leader, Ahmed Abdul Razek, predicted an impending divine blow to the US and to Israel.

    PMW quotes the preacher�s own words.
    "A divine blow will be dealt soon to the US and Israel, by Allah�s will.
    The believers will rejoice with Allah�s victory."

    PA verbal attacks and threats on the United States are returning to the
    frequency and style common before the 9-11 attacks, adds PMW.

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    • U.S. Deports Dozens of Israelis Amid Warnings of Possible Spy Activities

      Wednesday, March 06, 2002

      WASHINGTON � Authorities have arrested and deported since early last year dozens of young Israelis who represented themselves as art students in efforts to gain access to restricted buildings and homes, U.S. officials said.

      The Israelis tried to get inside sensitive federal office buildings and the homes of government employees, the officials said.

      A draft report from the Drug Enforcement Administration � which first characterized the activities as suspicious � said the youths' actions "may well be an organized intelligence-gathering activity."

      Immigration officials deported the Israelis for visa violations; no criminal espionage charges were filed.

      "At this time, the Department of Justice does not have information to support these accounts of Israeli students possibly committing espionage," said Susan Dryden, a department spokeswoman. The deputy U.S. attorney general, Larry Thompson, declined to discuss the arrests when asked about them during a news conference Tuesday.

      Israeli Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Yaffa Ben-Ari said it was "nonsense" that the students were spying on the United States.

      Another Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Irit Stopper, confirmed that a few Israelis posing as art students were expelled from the United States for working without permits. However they were not accused of espionage, she said. She did not say how many Israelis were expelled and did not give any additional details.

      The DEA report was first obtained by a French Web site that specializes in intelligence news, DEA spokeswoman Rogene Waite in Washington confirmed that the agency had written a report on this subject and forwarded it to other law enforcement agencies.

      "That these people are now traveling in the U.S. selling art seems not to fit their background," the DEA report said.

      An FBI official, speaking on condition of anonymity, noted there were no espionage charges filed against any of the individuals and that they had been deported. Asked whether any spying activity occurred, the official repeated that no charges had been filed.

      The arrests, made in an unspecified number of major U.S. cities from California to Florida, came amid public warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies about suspicious behavior by people posing as Israeli art students and "attempting to bypass facility security and enter federal buildings."

      The Israelis were arrested and deported on charges of working in the United States without authorization or overstaying visits on tourist visas, said Russ Bergeron, a spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Washington. He described dozens of arrests since early 2001 but gave no exact figures.

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      • answer you from now on.
        He seems to have the knack for dealing with you.
        (Williewoe - where are you?)

        Nasdaq, you got this piece of fiction from a French website?
        (Now that's what I call "Reliable Sources" - NOT!)

        Let's say, to give you the benefit of the doubt, this were even TRUE.
        You know what - the Israelis can come spy on me ANYTIME!
        I don't have to worry they are plotting to fly planes into buildings, or national monuments.

        In fact, maybe we NEED Israeli Intelligence at every airport in the United States.
        They would probably do a much better job of identifying terrorists then we do.

        They are proficient in that, thanks to your
        Palestinian buddies....

      • con't

        The DEA report said a majority of the students questioned by U.S. investigators acknowledged having served in units of the Israeli military specializing in military intelligence, electronic signals interception or explosive ordnance. The DEA said one person questioned was the son of a two-star Israeli general, one had served as the bodyguard to the head of the Israeli Army and another served in a Patriot missile unit.

        Most Israeli men and women are conscripted into their nation's military service at age 18.

        A Justice Department official, who also asked not to be identified, said investigators have been aware of some "alleged linkage" between the students and alleged espionage activities in the United States since early 2001, and said authorities have made arrests in Dallas, Chicago, San Diego and in south Florida. INS spokesman Rodney Germain in Miami said five or six people were arrested in that area at least six months ago on immigration counts.

        Although security experts at the DEA first characterized the youths' behavior as suspicious, and INS authorities later arrested them, the FBI typically investigates espionage cases in the United States.

        The U.S. Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, a federal agency, circulated a public warning in March 2001 urging federal employees to report contact with people describing themselves as Israeli art students.

        "These individuals have been described as aggressive," the warning said. "They attempt to engage employees in conversation rather than giving a sales pitch."

        Cooperation with Israel, a longtime key ally, is increasingly important in the U.S. war on terrorism.

        now, tell me how are the enemies!!!!

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