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  • nasdaq_1000bust nasdaq_1000bust Jul 10, 2002 10:05 AM Flag

    for Dizzy mocha only!!!

    What are the differences between a Jew and an Israeli?? Please in-light me

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    • Let me ENLIGHTEN you.

      There are Christian Iraelis, Jewish Israelis, Even Muslim and Arab Israelis.

      Israel is a democratic society. Just like the United States there are many cultural, religious and other societal groups represented within their country.

      Did you know there are Arabs elected within Israels government?

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      • <<Did you know there are Arabs elected within Israels government?>>

        Are there any Jews in any of the Arab governments?

        I know the answere already. As a matter of fact there are now only an infintesimal number of Jews in any of the Arab lands.

        What about their "Right of Return?" What about retributions to them?

        How come, Dizzymocha, those Jewish refugees were integrated into the Israeli populalation within months and the Arab refugees are still in camps in what were Arab territories over 50 years later???

        Know why? Because the Islamic Extremist Arabs are blood thirsty terrorists who will sacrifice their own people and keep them miserable for their own insane reasons.

        Let's face it! The War on Terrorism is really the War on Militant Extremist Islam.

    • Nasdaq,

      I am going to try to answer both this post and several of your previous posts in as calm and ladylike a manner as possible, suppressing the fact that the New York City woman in me really wants to use some choice street-wise curse words at this point.

      1. What is the difference between an Israeli and a Jew?

      Nasdaq, what is the difference between an American and a Jew?

      Not all Israelis are Jewish, just like (obviously) not all Americans are Jewish.
      Believe it or not, there are more Jewish people living in the United States than are living in Israel.

      2. I think it is safe to say that most Jewish people, (regardless of where they were brought up, and regardless of the degree to which they practice their religion) have similar ethics and values.

      I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in Jewish literature, and I can tell you NEVER have I come across any of the CRAP from your prior post.

      Where do you get this stuff?

      Who has been brainwashing you with this NONSENSE?

      3. Why do you think all Jewish people are "racists, bigots, and psychotic haters?"
      This is simply not true.

      Nasdaq, do you know what?

      I am a really nice person (though I would be the first to admit that I am "just a bit" too emotional).

      You know what? If we met, and you didn't know who I was, you probably would not think I was Jewish.

      I am very fair-complexioned (you probably should be calling me "vanilla latte" ;-)), not "dizzy mocha").
      I have no discernable accent of any kind (probably because I grew up in Manhattan, and not one of the other boroughs of New York).

      If we spoke person-to-person you would find that I do not judge people by their race, religion, sex, age, whatever.
      Each person I met, I relate to as an individual, not according to some pre-conceived notion of what they must be like because of outward labels and appearances.

      I am probably one of the LEAST racist and bigoted people you could ever hope to meet.

      Please, try to stop judging all Jewish people by Anti-Semitic stereotypes.

      Please, try to start relating to the Jewish people you interact with (on these message boards and elsewhere in your life) - whether they be Israeli Jews or American Jews or Jews from wherever - as individuals.

      Anti-Semitism is a sickness - but is is a curable one - and the cure is up to you.

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      • Dizzy Mocha,

        First of all, I am not anti-Semitic and will never be one. Even though, some of the post here would drive any sane person to the detestation of all Israeli Jews(if there are Non-Jewish Israelis as you said!!). When you first joined the board you sound a reasonable person to chat with. But, soon after you started posting the same crap and propaganda as DSY, Miggie406 a.k.a. horrifics101, williewoe, katman11072002,�. All of you acknowledge the news about Israeli victims and beg & pray for their well being but not once admit or mention any of the IDF wrong doing in the occupied territory or the Palestinian victims !! It is like you were blinded by something you deeply believed in (I would guess the many myths you grow up with� which I can mention but it would take us off the subject)!! Anyway, lets go back to your reply:

        �Israel� the name came from the religion , hence the state you want for the Jews!
        Even though there is American Jews as you say 99% of them if not all are loyal to Israel more than America and I would bet all my money on it. of course, they will not come out and admit that because that will make them confess of treason to their country!!!

        �Zionism is a political philosophy which is firmly grounded in the anti-integrationist racial thought of the past and present.8 In the words of Zionist political thinker Moses Hess, �Jews are not a religious group, but a separate nation, a special race, and the modern Jew who denies this is not only an apostate, a religious renegade, but a traitor to his people, his tribe, his race.�9

        In a similar vein, the founder of modern Zionism, Theodore Herzl wrote: �I referred previously to our [Jewish] assimilation [with gentiles]. I do not for a moment wish to imply that I desire such an end. Our national character is too glorious in history and, in spite of every degradation, too noble to make its annihilation desirable.�10

        Although it may raise eyebrows, it is no exaggeration to say that political Zionism and German Nazism bear some distinct similarities.11 Joachim Prinz, a former Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, in 1934 praised the Nazi revolution (1933) in Germany: �The significance of the German revolution for the German people will ultimately be revealed only to those who have undertaken to achieve it, and have themselves shaped its form. Its significance for us [Jews] will be stated here�We want to posit instead of assimilation [into Gentile communities] something new; undertaking the yoke of joining the Jewish people and the Jewish race. Only a state based on the principle of the purity of the nation and the race can possibly endow dignity and honor on�those Jews who themselves subscribe to this priniciple.�12

        Stephen S. Wise, a former president of the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress, told a New York rally in June 1938: �I am not an American citizen of the Jewish faith, I am a Jew...

        Although these passages were composed over 60 years ago, the beliefs they contain still are part and parcel of Zionist ideology and practice.

      • Common sense makes no sense to A potential terrorist. You were not on this board when "busted" had A picture of A tennis shoe in his profile right after the averted shoe bombing. Go back and check it out. He is being watched !

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