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  • nasdaq_1000bust nasdaq_1000bust Jul 17, 2002 5:26 PM Flag

    more light for you!!!

    "Nobody Should Preach to Us Ethics, Nobody!"
    Israel, a Light unto Nations?
    By Kathleen Christison
    Former CIA political analyst

    In the never-ending propaganda show designed to depict Israel as a moral nation victimized by immoral terrorists and anti-Semites, CNN recently ran a film clip of the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin declaiming, as only he could, "Nobody should preach to us ethics, nobody!"

    And, of course, few do.

    It's the general assumption among the vast majority of Americans that no on can preach ethics to Israel, that light unto nations. No nation is more ethical or more innocent--or so we are told.

    But I can't get something I recently saw off my mind. Every so often in the midst of a deluge of information something leaps out at you as unique--utterly electrifying, utterly horrifying, almost mind-altering in a way. One's senses become dulled after months, years, of reading about and seeing images on television of innocents dead from Palestinian terrorist attacks, of other innocents dead from Israeli tank or sniper fire, of cities and refugee camps devastated, in recent weeks of the entire civilian infrastructure of Palestinian society destroyed. But one searing article leapt out the other day that has stuck in my craw, and I cannot let go of it.

    In an article in the May 6 issue of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz entitled "Someone Even Managed to Defecate into the Photocopier," Amira Hass--an honest, courageous Israeli woman who has spent years living among Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza--described the scenes of destruction at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture left behind after Israeli military forces lifted their siege of the towns of Ramallah and its suburb al-Birah, where the ministry is located.

    Entering the building after its month-long occupation by an Israeli military unit, ministry officials, foreign cultural attaches, and reporters found a scene of grotesque vandalism. Equipment from the local radio and television station had been hurled from windows in the multi-story building, electronic equipment was destroyed or had been stolen, furniture was broken and piled up on heaps of papers, books, computer disks, and broken glass. Children's paintings had been destroyed.

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    • you NEVER want to incur the wrath of a New York City woman - EVER!!!
      We are born with BS detectors as tool of survival on the mean streets.....

      I am SO SICK of the Palestinian Lies and the Islamic Spin Machine.....

      I wish I had a job with the Israeli government searching out and refuting and rebutting the UNENDING regurgitation of Lies, Distortions and Deceit by the Enemies of Israel.
      I would devote my life to this 24/7.....

      The other BITCH you quote (oops am I going to get in trouble for using the word "bitch" on the message boards - it just means "female dog, wolf, or fox") is also a known Palestinian Propagandist and Sympathizer and another favorite author on the Alaqsa Intifada website along with Noam Chomsky and Edward Said.

      Here is what CAMERA - the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America has to say about Ms. Hass and the "liberal" Ha'aretz

      Arutz Sheva July 6, 2001
      Excerpts from "Ha'aretz, the Lie of the Land"
      by Andrea Levin, Executive Director of CAMERA

      "In a familiar syndrome, many otherwise impartial American journalists newly posted in Israel slip quickly in their reporting into unmistakably hostile views of the country. Why?

      One factor is their sources in the Israeli media. As Eric Weiner, former Jerusalem bureau chief for National Public Radio, told a Palestinian media symposium, every working day began with scanning local papers for stories. He relied especially on what he termed the "very respectable [Israeli] newspaper" Ha'aretz. Like NPR, countless other media cite Ha'aretz writers regularly, while a global audience reads the paper's English Internet edition online.

      Although Ha'aretz bills itself as "an independent newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook," many of the opinion writers and some reporters espouse views of the extreme far left, and factual accuracy is often sacrificed to their political predilections. Reporter Amira Hass, for example, has just been ordered by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to pay $60,000 in damages to the Jewish community of Hebron for her false and incendiary report that Jewish residents there had abused the corpse of a dead Arab shot by Israeli Border police in a violent incident. The allegations were disproved by multiple televised accounts of the event. [Her] stories, replete with distorted and inaccurate charges that Israel is an "apartheid" state, steals Palestinian water, callously targets Palestinians over the age of 12 with sniper-fire, and generally subjugates Arabs out of sheer viciousness, are posted on countless anti-Israel websites. So also is the commentary of a score of other Ha'aretz writers (Gideon Samet, Gideon Levy, Akiva Eldar, Baruch Kimmerling, Ze'ev Sternhell, Joseph Algazy, Danny Rubenstein, Moshe Reinfeld and many more), in the company of other favorites of such websites like Noam Chomsky, Hanan Ashrawi and Edward Said... Indeed, a look at such sites and the content of the Ha'aretz articles posted suggests that Ha'aretz writers are in the vanguard of those making the Palestinian case against Israel.

      Hass and the extreme among her colleagues are also eagerly quoted by the most virulent anti-Israel commentators in the American media [such as The Orlando Sentinel's Charley Reese and Connecticut's Hartford Courant's Amy Pagnozzi]...

      Another Israeli journalist based at a different newspaper, Yediot Ahronot's Nahum Barnea, wrote in November 2000... that there are Israeli reporters who do not pass the "lynch test." These are journalists who could not bring themselves to criticize the Palestinians even when two Israelis were savagely murdered by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah. Which journalists? Gideon Levy, Amira Hass and Akiva Eldar of Ha'aretz... The ultimate political effects of prestigious Israeli media disseminating continuous and often inflammatory anti-Israel misinformation in English in the era of the Internet should not be

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      • the treacherous Amira Hass. I suspected it was a lie because it smelled like the kind of lies that Nazdaq likes to find and spread around.

        Thanks for taking the trouble and looking it up.

        I just can't understand what gives with these people. The truth doesn't give them the kind of stories they want to report so they just make up ones they think may be believed. The Arabs will certainly accommodate them with whatever lies they can dream up. Then they accept them and embellish them with even more lies and exagerration. Dolts like Naz want to believe those kinds of lies because it jibes with the other lies they believe so they are quick to spread them around. It just doesn't seem to matter to them when the truth comes out, they ignore it and go on to the next story.

        You would think that there would be some little voice inside them that admits they are making stuff up. I'm sure they justify it by figuring that if it furthers the goals of Allah it is ok.

      • (sorry the last sentence of the previous post was cut off).

        "The ultimate political effects of prestigious Israeli media disseminating continuous and often inflammatory anti-Israel misinformation in English in the era of the Internet should not be underestimated."

        In addition - here is more information on the lawsuit lost by Ms. Hass -

        Arutz Sheva
        June 7, 2001
        Court Recognizes Ha'aretz Slander Of Hevron Jews
        The Hevron Jewish Community sued Ha'aretz newspaper - and won! Ha'aretz staffer Amira Hass, a Jewish resident of Ramallah, wrote several months ago that the residents of Beit Hadassah in Hevron abused the corpse of a terrorist. She wrote that the residents kicked, spat on, and danced atop the body of a dead Arab terrorist, who had just been shot and killed by soldiers shortly after he threw a grenade at them. The plaintiffs cited an announcement by the IDF spokesman at the time asserting that the Jewish residents did not abuse the body in any manner. The Hevron residents demanded an apology, which Ha'aretz did not provide. They then sued the paper for 250,000 shekels, and Ha'aretz did not even submit a defense. Yesterday, Hon. Shalev Gertel awarded the full sum to the Hevron community, in addition to 20,000 shekels for legal expenses.

        Hevron spokesman David Wilder told Arutz-7 today, "This ruling should have some kind of effect on the way the public looks at Ha'aretz. People who perhaps are unaware of its prejudices, should be aware of the fact that an Israeli court has ruled against a major Israeli daily publication."

    • And then there was this, as described by Hass: "There are two toilets on every floor, but the soldiers urinated and defecated everywhere else in the building, in several rooms of which they had lived for about a month. They did their business on the floors, in emptied flowerpots, even in drawers they had pulled out of desks. They defecated into plastic bags, and these were scattered in several places. Some of them had burst. Someone even managed to defecate into a photocopier. The soldiers urinated into empty mineral water bottles. These were scattered by the dozen in all the rooms of the building, in cardboard boxes, among the piles of rubbish and rubble, on desks, under desks, next to the furniture the soldiers had smashed, among the children's books that had been thrown down. Some of the bottles had opened and the yellow liquid had spilled and left its stain.

      "It was especially difficult to enter two floors of the building because of the pungent stench of feces and urine. Soiled toilet paper was also scattered everywhere. In some of the rooms, not far from the heaps of feces and the toilet paper, remains of rotting food were scattered. In one corner, in the room in which someone had defecated into a drawer, full cartons of fruits and vegetables had been left behind. The toilets were left overflowing with bottles filled with urine, feces and toilet paper. Relative to other places, the soldiers did not leave behind them many sayings scrawled on the walls. Here and there were the candelabrum symbols of Israel, stars of David, praises for the Jerusalem Betar soccer team."

      This is not a tale we are ever likely to see in the American press, so the vast majority of Americans who think with Menachem Begin that nobody can preach to Israel about ethics, that Israel's army is the only moral army in the world and always employs the doctrine of "purity of arms," will go on thinking that way.

      But I cannot.

      I am forced to ask some questions that that American majority will no doubt never hear: Can it, for instance, be called terrorism if an entire unit of the Israeli army forsakes purity of arms and spends a month crapping on floors, on piles of children's artwork, in desk drawers, on photocopiers?

      Is this self-defense, or "rooting out the terrorist infrastructure"?

      Is it anti-Semitic to wonder what happened to the moral compass of a society that spawns a group of young men who will intermingle their own religious and national symbols with feces and urine, as if the drawings and the excrement both constitute valued autographs?

      Do they think Israeli shit is cleaner, holier than anyone else's?

      Why are my taxes paying for this army?

      How can Palestinians ever make peace in the face of filth and disrespect like this?

      • 4 Replies to nasdaq_1000bust
      • Nasdaq -

        I must break my self-imposed rule against continuing to post on these message boards.


        You have printed an article written by a woman who is a KNOWN Palestinian Propagandist and Sympathizer. This woman who claims to be a "former CIA political analist" resigned from the CIA 23 years ago in 1979.

        She is represented in the Electronic Intifada along with as Chomsky and Barghouti. Her work is recommended reading on all the Palestinian booklists.

        And we all know what a paragon of intelligence
        and truth the Palestinian educational system is....

        If you print awful trash like this, how can you ever expect anyone to take you seriously and be willing to have an open discussion with you?

        The Israeli military forces are among the most intelligent and restrained in the world.

        There is no way on earth, I for one, believe one word of these BLATANT lies.
        (This is right on par with the article that we Jews use the blood of young non-Jews to flavor our Purim pastry.)

        I suggest to you that if anyone actually witnessed soldiers in Israeli uniforms performing the actions described here - that these actions were undoubtedly perpetrated and performed by Palestinians wearing STOLEN IDF uniforms.

        These kind of actions would definately fit the MO of the Palestinains and their sympatheizers.
        (Witness Tuesday's bus attack carried out by your buddies wearing STOLEN IDF uniforms).

        AND THAT'S THE TRUTH.....

      • Nasdaq, what do you expect to accomplish writing these terrible lies? Jews bad? Muslims good? You could consider me an average American of Scotch/Irish decent.

        Your writings frighten me. They STRENGTHEN my resolve to see an end to the Jihad and all of its insane supporters. You are obviously very intelligent. Your passion is absurd and wrongheaded.

        Try working a job, getting married, raising children, volunteering for some charity work. Your thinking is negative and destructive. Sadly, it makes you do evil.

      • This is the biggest piece of crap I have ever believe this and the Arab Jenin are completely brainwashed and also full of s---!!!!!

      • First of all, I don't believe the story. Everyone in the world know that the Arabs are notorious LIARS. Lies and deception are fully acceptable in the Islamic faith as long as it is in the service of spreading Islam.

        It also happens that everyone in the world knows that the Arabs are the filthiest people in the world and more likely have caused the mess and blamed the IDF. (The IDF requires more showers for their soldiers in the field than any other army.)

        There has been a re-examination of the circumstances surrounding the latest of their most outrageous lies... "The Massacre at Jenin."

        Back to Jenin By Ze�ev Schiff

        What was the spark that set off the rumors about a massacre in Jenin's refugee camp? It's been weeks since the controversy broke out during the hard battle the IDF conducted there during Operation Defensive Shield, and now two stories have come up that might be able to shed some light on how the rumors spread. At one point in the fighting, the army used loudspeakers calling on all the men between the ages of 16 and 50 to turn themselves in. Many came out and were sent to Kafr Salem for questioning. Some of those questioned were sent for further questioning to Shin Bet facilities, while the rest were not allowed to go back to the city, where the battle continued. They were transferred to mosques in the villages of Rumna and Zabuba and the northern West Bank. Their families did not receive word from them or about them, and rumors began to fly that they had been executed.

        At the same time, another story developed. Toward the end of the fighting, the army sent three large refrigerator trucks into the city. Reservists decided to sleep in them for their air conditioning. Some Palestinians saw dozens of covered bodies lying in the trucks and rumors spread the Jews had filled trucks full of Palestinian bodies.

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