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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Jul 20, 2002 10:12 AM Flag

    Nasdaq, here is THE TRUTH, as promised

    In your post 2793 (Re: for Dizzy Mocha only!!!), you quoted (or should I say half-quoted)Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, as follows -

    Stephen S. Wise, a former president of the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress, told a New York rally in June 1938: �I am not an American citizen of the Jewish faith, I am a Jew...

    I knew this to be a distortion of the philosophies and beliefs of Rabbi Wise.
    I said I would research this for you, and I have.

    I hope in the next several posts to help you understand why what you have quoted here and what you continue to quote elsewhere are distortions and half-Truths.

    And, again, after this, I will endeavor not to post for awhile, as I do not enjoy dominating these message boards. I find it far more interesting to read what others have to say.

    I hope no one on these boards will take offense at my continued attempts to reason with you, though it is obvious to me that you are probably a lost cause.

    I do not know anything about you Nasdaq, you may be a white supremist or a muslim extremist - I believe you are unfortunately an individual who has fallen prey to brainwashing and lies.

    I know several people with beliefs similar to yours and I continue to try to reason with them, but to no avail. So just call me a person who likes battling windmills and lost causes.

    In my library, I have located a book written by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise called "AS I SEE IT."
    It is a 285-page collection of his writings published in 1944 by the Jewish Opinion Publishing Corporation. The copy is inscribed from by the author to my father.
    My father was the book's publisher.
    He and Rabbi Wise were close personal friends.

    Unfortunately, I did not get to know either Rabbi Wise, nor his wife (after whom I was named) as they died before I was born.

    This is as authentic a document as you can get.
    Nothing could more accurately relect the beliefs of Rabbi Wise than the writings in this book.

    Here is just some of what Stephen S. Wise REALLY says about being an American and being a Jew.

    From his 1942 essay - I AM AN AMERICAN

    "I am an American. I thank God that my parents brought me to this country. I thank God that my children and children's children have been born in this country. They have entered into and become sharers in the most precious heritage which can fall to the lot of man, and I have faith that they will prove equal to and worth of the high opportunities of life which American citizenship affords. They, like me, will give their deepest, truest loyalty to the America which is today, to the greater, freer, nobler America that is to be on the morrow."


    "I am an American, I say, not boastfully, but with deepest faith in my country's destiny. For more than 150 years my country has held aloft the torch of human freedom that other peoples might watch and learn how men live under the law of freedom. Today that freedom is under attack by those powers of darkness whom the light of American freedom offends and moves to derision and to attempted destruction. My country is in the midst of a war, a war which it has not willed to wage, which it has not chosen to engage in. But now that America is under attack by the enslaving despotisms, America and its people which hate war, are resolved to spare no effort and substance that world tyranny may be broken, that human enslavement may be halted, and that human freedom may be saved."

    to be continued...

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