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  • vafn_goulo vafn_goulo Jul 24, 2002 1:37 PM Flag


    It is bad all the way around. No winners at all. Only losers on all sides. This cycle needs to stop. But how? If Earth was to be visited by aliens, they would only see one species. That's how I try to view the world. There is one God for all people or there is no God at all. I respect diversity, and like a cultural anthropologist might say, there is necessity in all cultures; each offers a puzzle piece in humanity's picture - but we are all nevertheless one and the same: human beings.

    I responded a bit harshly in my last posts, I think out of anger at the callousness of nasdaq_1000's posts. He offers no solutions, only tries to stir up anger.

    I am not Jewish but was drawn to this stock after 9/11 looking for strength in companies that provide security. MAGS caught my attention and I've looked into it trying to guess the ups and downs. I am not invested in it. I'm still trying to figure out the usefulness of this product. What's your take on the utility of MAGS products?

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    • >>> "It is bad all the way around. No winners at all"

      Oh? pardon my ignorence, but what's so bad about a mass butcher, arch-terrorist, barbaric animal, Satanic creation, who's responsible for the almost unparalleled ultra violent death of hundreds of civilians, among them scores and scores of little children...being wacked?

      Thanks in advance,


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      • Wack your suspects all you want, but do you really need F16s to kill a man in a crowded apartment block?

        Is human life that worthless to you?

        I can't understand why you would even be interested in something so peaceful as a fence, when it is clear that you won't stop gloating over non-jewish civilians dying until they are all dead.

        You will take your bitterness to the grave, it is very clear to me. You will not be part of the solution to the fucked up world you were born into.

        This seems to be the place for political and angry rants, there's mine.

    • Hello, vafn

      I'm like you. I came to this stock post 9/11 because I was interested in what I considered to be constructive defense (ie. better perimeter barriers around airports, sensitive installations, etc.)

      Since then, I've come to realize that, however good or state of the art MAGS products are (which in itself is difficult for one to quantify, with all the cash flowing in defense industries, package deals, etc.), its getting harder and harder to imagine MAGS becoming some kind of wall street darling when Israel seems hell bent on losing the support of moderates on all corners of the earth.

      Frankly, I've been surprised that MAGS hasn't announced more business. Which is why I keep wading through the hatred and propoganda here (i'm with you, it's bad ALL the way around), hoping for some actual substantive news about this company.

      The attitude around here seems to be fuck off if you don't support every last Israeli political and military move, and death to all Arabs.

      Clearly, noone here wants peace.

      In the end, it will be the UN and US wading into the bullshit in the westbank, installing peacekeepers, and imposing order and a Palestinian state.

      To be clear, I'm no fan of US policy in the middle east, nor EU (what policy?), and am particularly frustrated with the league of arab states.

      And to be clear, I support a strong Israel AND a Palestinian state, which I suppose makes me some kind of enemy.

      As if firing missiles into knowingly occupied apartment buildings is the proper way to assasinate one man. DSY and everyone else knows here that this is not an action designed for security, it is an action to provoke all out war.

      I cannot respect anyone who can condone and try to justify Israel's latest atrocity (and from what I can glean from news sources, it wasn't all that popular among Israelis). Any self-respecting Israeli human being should be out in the streets protesting such tactics.

      As should the Palaestinians be protesting and calling out the murderers in their ranks.

      Sharon must go. Arafat must go. International peace keepers must be installed in never before seen numbers. That the international community can sit by without taking emergency action is a mistake that will haunt generations.

      In light of all this, its hard to get too excited about an Israeli fence company these days, to be honest.

      Nor does anyone else seem to interested in fencing around this board these days.

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