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  • vafn_goulo vafn_goulo Jul 23, 2002 4:45 PM Flag


    These are your own words:
    "you are a total idiot for believing these boards!!!"

    So why should we believe anything you write? Your own words tell us not to.

    I also notice you are out of control over several other message boards - and you are not well-liked in any of them. Your credibility is pretty well non existent. But as long as you are talking up political fantasies and taking up the Palestinian cause, tell me, how many Arab countries host and respect Palestinians? How many Palestinians have been killed, abused, kicked out of Arab lands, etc? Did you know that Arafat and his cohorts are multi millionaires and have become so wealthy as a result of the Palestinian plight, yet fail to pass along any of their proceeds to the folks they supposedly serve? How many tears have you cried over disease and malnutrition suffered by Palestinians at the hands of their own people?
    Perhaps you should take your issues to Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Lybia, Algeria, et al and ask them why they don't invite more Palestinians to live among them. And how many Palestinians have you invited into your home? Or your parents' home as the case seems to be. You certainly don't sound sensible enough to have a place of your own.
    And calm down a bit. You might want to try an antidepressant. You deal with a lot of diplaced anger. In a couple of your posts on other boards, you mentioned that you turned in some posters due to the content of their posts. What's to stop someone here from turning you in to Yahoo then to the FBI as a potential domestic terrorist. You sure fit the profile.
    Before you complain about others, you might want to try some serious introspection.
    Harmony is what we all need - not hate mongers like yourself who continue to feed the endless cycle of death with lies and hysteria.
    Before you write back with any more of your rhetoric, take a good look deep down inside yourself and ask yourself if you are truly worthy in your own God's eyes. But don't look so deeply like you have been doing with your head so far up your ass.

    My contention is that there are only two kinds of people on this planet: nice and not nice. Which category do you think you belong in?

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    • Dear DSY

      Patronizing....that's pretty funny, coming from you. I suggest you read your own posts.

      I came on to criticise Sharon's decision to bomb an apartment building full of people to assasinate one man. It was nothing personal against you.

      You chose to attack me for my criticism, which is your right. I chose to respond to your self-righteous and moral pontifications in the way I saw fit. My right.

      Yes, you are right, based on your contributions here I have absolutely no respect for you (although I do feel sorry for you and all people that inhabit the miserable area you live in).

      I have been reading this board since Nov., and have never missed your posts. Does this mean I know you? Of course not. But I know plenty enough to voice a dissenting opinion to your war cries.

      "I do not like your patronizing attitude one bit."

      That's a laugh. You seem to have Israel's problems all figured out.

      Let's see, you ask, off topic, what in my opinion the US gov. should have done post 9/11. I think they SHOULD have done the same thing that Israel should do--appeal to their powerful friends and allies to intervene and police the problem with massive numbers of neutral peace keepers. IE. hit Afganistan with hundreds of thousands of intl. troops and scour it for al queda, and keep them there until a self-sustaining and peaceful democracy was in place. If it takes twenty years, so be it.

      Same thing should happen in Gaza and the West bank and wherever Israel's neighboring enemies are found. There should be a Palestinian state, and the US, and the rest of the world, should spare no manpower and expense to see this happen ASAP.

      Oh yeah, Israel should concede its 'spoils of war', and go back to 1967 borders.

      I understand quite well that all of the above will only happen over your dead body. You are too learned on the problems, too stuffed full of your own anecdotes and lesser-evil comparisons to ever see the writing on the wall.

      Israel's current policies are flawed, and at least from my view, seem purposely counter to any lasting peace.

      By the way, I am calm. YOU calm down. YOU listen. Sanctimonious blowhard.

      yours truly,

      one man who wants for Israel

    • Man are you "full of yourself".

      Listen up, dude, I have never walked out on a legitimate argument in the middle, except for cases in which the other side in the debate has shown disrespect towards me.

      In each and every one of your posts you have used language that shows to me clearly that you show zero respect for me (although you quite successfully desguised that with fancy words), on a very personal level.
      You don't know *hit about who I am, what I believe in and what I represent, and you know even less about Israel as a country in general and Sharon in particular. You are hanging on to Cliche's of the worst kind and have decided on the verdict before the trial.

      So you have a choice:

      Either you calm yourself down and decide to return to the table and talk with intention to LISTEN and maybe even LEARN a thing or two, or this conversation will indeed end prematurely.

      I do not like your patronizing attitude one bit.

      To help you decide whether or not you wish this conversation to continue under my terms, here's the 1st question you'll have to answer if we do continue:

      (*) What, in your opinion, should the U.S. government have decided to do after the 9/11 attacks, in order to solve the problem of terrorism against the citizens of the U.S.

      Your answer will also assist me in deciding whether continuing this conversation with you is worthwhile, or rather a total waste of time.


    • DSY, you are a self-righteous git. It is true, Israel is faced with unparalleled acts of cruelty.

      But it is also true that any state that declares themselves the most moral in the history of the planet (or just some yahoo war-monger who will never be blessed with a vision of anything other than war) is to be treated with pity.

      I pity you.

      By the way, I address you not because you are Israeli, but because you condone barbaric military practices. That you seem so keen to skewer me for my national origins is very much part of the problem. Why not treat people according to their ideas, and not their ethnic/national/religious background? Oh, but to do that, you might have to relax your hatred for the non-terrorist human beings within your greedy borders.

      If you are the world's best example of morality, there is absolutely no hope for this planet.

      By the way, I agree that if the US had to deal with fundamentalist Canadian or Mexican suicide bombers, you may well be right about your hypothetical reaction for the US.

      Doesn't excuse you, or Sharon, for an instant. I advise you to get off of Uncle Sam's dubious precedents, and think your own way into the 21st century.

    • DSY

      i'm no hypocrite. You, however are a typical iron fist apologist. As I clearly stated in my last post, I am no fan of US policy in regards killing innocent civilians. And comparing the two, well, at the end of the day, you have TWO fucked up policies to defend.

      I defend neither. I support international cooperation, whether in Afganistan, Iraq, or Israel, to put an end to the insanity you apparently take so much glee in spreading.

      I love the US, I love Israel, I think it is wrong to send in an F16 to fire a missile to kill one man and, one assumes, his family, when they are located in a dense apartment block.

      God help you if you can't see the madness in such tactics.

      And your point is what, exactly? That you FULLY support all past US killing of innocent civilians? I will in no uncertain terms depart from you on that score.

      Your sick personal war will know no end, DSY. I pity you.

      I know as well as you America's checkered past, and I take no pride in much of it. We can argue all day long what was and is justified for the US, but that is beside the point. As far as invading Iraq, I am dead set against it. In your narrow mind, this is probably tantamount to my declaring myself an enemy of the state.

      Tell me, DSY. What are the polls in Israel saying about Sharon's latest strike? Has it made the population feel safe?

      I pray for the day when attitudes like yours are in a laughably small minority.

    • I think it is very safe to say that if the US had to deal with a similar case of unparalleled disruption of normal daily life of its citizens, caused by unparalleled acts of cruelty, lies and manipulation (since the Nazi era, that is), and if the US suffered DAILY 9/11s for 2 years, you would long ago CARPET BOMB the West Bank and Gaza to dust and rubble.

      Israel has shown a level of military restraint that is simply unprecedented in history. Feel free to ask any military historian to verify this. We have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, we should be very proud of being the country with the most moral army on planet Earth.

      I have a lot more I'd like to say to you, but I lack the time. I hope I successfully conveyed my point.

      Once again, if you are not American, please tell me where you are from, so that I can compose a similar answer to suit your own country.


    • If you can only see things in black and white ie. nice and not nice, then you would have to be blind not to see that what Sharon did yesterday with the F16 was not nice (not nice to the Palestinians, not nice for Israel, and, to be on topic, not nice for this stock).

      Forget about the propaganda that Israel does no wrong, ignore nasdaq. I'd like to see somebody besides Sharon justify Israel's last attack. Anybody?

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      • >>> I'd like to see somebody besides Sharon justify Israel's last attack. Anybody?

        Sure, I can justify it.

        Happy to be of help,


      • It is bad all the way around. No winners at all. Only losers on all sides. This cycle needs to stop. But how? If Earth was to be visited by aliens, they would only see one species. That's how I try to view the world. There is one God for all people or there is no God at all. I respect diversity, and like a cultural anthropologist might say, there is necessity in all cultures; each offers a puzzle piece in humanity's picture - but we are all nevertheless one and the same: human beings.

        I responded a bit harshly in my last posts, I think out of anger at the callousness of nasdaq_1000's posts. He offers no solutions, only tries to stir up anger.

        I am not Jewish but was drawn to this stock after 9/11 looking for strength in companies that provide security. MAGS caught my attention and I've looked into it trying to guess the ups and downs. I am not invested in it. I'm still trying to figure out the usefulness of this product. What's your take on the utility of MAGS products?

    • you are the ultimate fool of all yahoo posters!!! Don�t you know that shorts are hated everywhere on these yahoo boards!!

      now you follow my trades and see i was right on all of my short positions. Plus you can tell I made $$$$$$$$$$$. one could only wonder if you too will see the light and sell/short MAGS.

      MAGS going to $1 and you can not do anything about it!!!!

      It is kosher to short read this:

      • 1 Reply to nasdaq_1000bust
      • You badmouth a bunch of stocks in a declining market and sure enough, they fall. You call this an accomplishmnet?
        Okay, tomorrow, the sun will rise in the morning. Talk to me tomorrow about my prediction.
        Do you want to claim intellectual savvy? Show me a stock that will rise in this market. Also, I highly doubt you have any investment in the market. You are all talk. In fact the more you rant, the less you say. But again, you are an idiot if you believe these boards. Hmmm, where have I heard that before.
        Best you keep your mouth shut and be thought of as an idiot rather than open it and remove all doubt. YOU'RE TOO LATE, you genetic defect!
        By the way, if you are a spokeperson for your cause (whatever that is), I feel sorry for your group.

        Go ahead, have the last word. It's meaningless, anyway.

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